Libertarianism vs. Postmodernism and “Social Justice” Ideology 2

This is a fantastic discussion that gets to the heart of the problem with PC/SJWs/totalitarian humanism. The discussion of “corporate leftism” is particularly important. There’s a surprisingly high level of anti-capitalism in this, which is unusual coming from an orthodox libertarian program. This comes close to my own perspective.


  1. That was a solid discussion. You’re right. A lot of anti capitalist discussion going on from anarcho capitalist.

    That’s often the argument I make with ancaps. Capitalism is many things, but it’s really ultimately about wealth and resource accumulation. If that means woke capitalism, soft capitalism, or whatever term you want to use, then it can and will happen. So they should understand that, but they simply refuse too.

    It’s in the very language they use. They often say capitalism doesn’t care about race, gender, and so forth. They are right. It only concerns itself with wealth and resource accumulation.

    Hopefully ANCAPS can see this and move on from there delusion that capitalism is some superior system.

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