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Debate/Discussion: Should Libertarians Support a Basic Income Guarantee?

An interesting discussion of this question between Matt Zwolinski (pro) and  Tom Woods (con). Listen here.

Some voices in the libertarian world have argued that a basic income guarantee for everyone would be better than the current welfare state from a pragmatic point of view. Matt Zwolinski adds that it is morally required, given the dubious origins of so many existing property titles. Result: an engaging exchange of ideas I know you’ll enjoy. But be sure to listen all the way to the end, since that’s where the best parts can be found.

About the Guest

Matt Zwolinski is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego and a co-director of the University’s Institute for Law and Philosophy.


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Symposia Discussed

The Basic Income and the Welfare State (Cato Unbound)
The Basic-Income Debate (Independent Review) — this is the main one I drew from

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Bleeding Heart Libertarians

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  1. Any actual worker must be guaranteed a decent earning depending on his merits and skills. But you’ll never reach that goal in a liquifying, hyper capitalistic system owned by the cabal.

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