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Tom Woods on Syria

Some relevant comments from leading Rothbardian libertarian Tom Woods on Syria:

“Well, Woods’s Law is on full display these days:

No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up with John McCain.

It’s as if the President, in his scramble to imitate Jeb! and Graham, forgot that he’s the one who spared us those dolts.

What drives me especially bonkers is to hear conservatives, of all people, cheering for war in Syria.

Here are people who (are supposed to) believe in the fallen condition of humanity, have finite political goals (not “an end to evil,” in David Frum’s preposterous, anti-conservative formulation), and leave the utopianism to the Left.

They are likewise supposed to understand how precarious is the human condition, and be appalled at the hubris of the wise planner who thinks societies can be taken apart and reassembled like Tinkertoys.

And if they’re going to pretend that they just want to respond to a “gas attack” — come on.

Even if such an attack had been perpetrated by Assad, how can I be morally lectured to by people who have connived at the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen? First Obama supporters, then Trump himself, aided or turned a blind eye to Saudi outrages there. (Trump’s belated, feckless objection amounted to nothing.)

So when they’re oh-so-concerned about Syria, I think: uh-huh, sure. Their moral concern, and their cries for intervention, just happen to extend, consistently and exclusively, to countries the US government seeks to demonize. An interesting coincidence.

It’s almost like our so-called independent media consists of bootlickers of the regime.

They may oppose one individual — as they clearly do Trump — but the regime’s overall aims and thrust? Never.

The media can be counted on to cheerlead for the regime’s adventures, and dismiss as crackpots the actual journalists who pose the questions anyone in his right mind would want answered.

Incidentally, who or what replaces Assad? With the West’s track record in the Middle East, who can be so foolish as to expect the new regime to be preferable?

Horrific outrages occur all over the world, every single dreary day. To take an example chosen not quite at random: chattel slavery has reappeared in Libya, thanks directly to the Obama intervention there. Not a word of concern about that. Our wise planners are already on to their next big project, you see.

How about this for a conservative program: no more big projects for the Western blockheads who parade as intellectuals, and no more of the obviously fruitless effort to bring the Enlightenment to the Middle East at the point of a gun.

Nobody believes the latter is possible. People who pretend to believe it are simply on the take.

After millions of people displaced, an astronomical number of deaths, chaos and radical Islam spread everywhere, isn’t it time to say finis to the global planners?

Can there be one conflict in the world that isn’t exacerbated by Western intervention?

Oh, but the next intervention — now that one will bring peace!

And the corpses pile up, and the devastation becomes more horrific, and the radicalism the interventionists pretend to protect us from spreads all the more.

Not for nothing has it been said,

Who in Elysian fields would dwell
Do but extend the boundaries of Hell.

Tom Woods

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