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Keith Preston: ‘The US uses its influence in NATO to exercise political control over Western Europe’

A recent interview with Sputnik. Listen here.

European nations are military colonies of the United States through NATO – that’s according to Keith Preston, the director of In an interview to Press TV, he said that the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on European defense while also selling weapons to NATO countries. He added that Europe heavily depended on the alliance for its military defense. NATO’s military budget reached 1.4 billion last year, while member states spent some 921 billion. The U.S. has been paying nearly a quarter of NATO’s annual costs and this share exceeds contributions by other 27 members of the alliance. Meanwhile, Preston also said that the U.S. is making billions in arms sales to Europe while boosting the threat of Russian aggression.

Radio Sputnik talked about European defense and U.S. approach to its allies in Europe with Keith Preston, the chief editor and director of

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