71% of young Americans don’t quality for military because they’re fat and unhealthy: report

Good. Maybe this will be a deterrent to more stupid wars.

American Military News

According to a recent report by the Heritage Foundation, nearly three-quarters of young Americans are ineligible to serve in the United State military.

Factors affecting eligibility include health problems, criminal records or poor education, and the lack of potential enlistments may hinder any plans in beefing up America’s armed forces.

Citing Pentagon data, Americans who are ages 17 to 24 who do not qualify for the military pose an “alarming” threat to national security and risk derailing President Donald Trump’s plan to strengthen a depleted military.

President Trump recently revealed his $700 billion defense budget that aims to vastly expand and strengthen the military by adding 25,900 troops through October 2019 and another 56,600 by 2023.

The Pentagon estimates that 24 million of the 34 million American between 17 and 24 years old, or 71 percent, cannot serve in any branch of the armed forces. The issue affecting the greatest number of potential recruits, nearly half of eligible individuals, is health-related.


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