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  1. To say the least. Why can’t someone only care about their own liberty but be pro-immigration, trade, inter-racial mixing etc? Or someone else be anti-immigration but care about the liberation of everyone? And what is the tribal association required for me to qualify for the first group and not the second? If I only cared about people from my country or town, does that mean I am a tribaltarian? What if I don’t believe in collective crimes but I am pro-immigration?

    This guy seems like another left-libertarian who really belongs with his fellow globalist,collectivist brethren on the left. There are a lot of vague terms (and gross oversimplification) used here in the same way SJWs speak:

    “liberation for everyone” (who is everyone?)
    “support trade” (what does trade mean here? voluntary or state sponsored? NAFTA?)
    “erase philosophical and moral buffers between them and us” (huh?!?)
    “collective crimes”

    And what reasons have evaporated? If both groups in his statement are anti-government and non-interventionist, then the reasons for
    co-operation are still there. Or is libertarianism supposed to be much more than this? Did something else bring these two groups together besides being anti-state? And what about private property? How does this gel with the concept of “collective crimes”? Aren’t human beings inherently tribal to an extent?

    I could go on about this post but there is a lot to take apart.

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