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The Racist Right Looks Left

I get an honorable mention in this, although I am incorrectly identified as a “white nationalist.” If I am being denounced by The Nation and Breitbart within a few days of each other I must be doing something right. I used to think that leftist articles that mistakenly describe me as WN were just a matter of sloppy thinking and lazy research. But increasingly I am seeing people of color, including friends of mine, being attacked at WN as well. It just seems like WN is an all-encompassing smear word that’s used nowadays, now that “communist” and even “terrorist” have lost their bite. There always has to be some category of “official bad people” that dissidents can be relegated to.

By Donna Minkowitz

The Nation

In the way to Richard Spencer’s top-secret white-supremacist conference on November 19, a young African-American woman drove me in her Uber from Washington, DC, to the rolling hills of Maryland horse country. On the peaceful drive past large, beautiful estates, she told me how she’d had to work three jobs—as a DHL courier, Amazon-warehouse deliverywoman, and Uber driver—just to continue to live in ever-more-expensive DC, where she’d grown up. When we finally got to the winery that Spencer’s National Policy Institute had booked, Mike Enoch of the Daily Shoah podcast, who promulgated the slur “dindu nuffins” for African Americans, was holding forth on the horrors of “corporate neoliberalism.”

Then Eli Mosley of the campus group Identity Evropa, who calls Jews “oven-dodging…kikes,” took Enoch one further: “We need to be explicitly anti-capitalist. There’s no other way forward for our movement.” As 60 mostly young, male racists gathered around him, Mosley, whose real name is Elliott Kline, confidently predicted, “Twenty eighteen is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!”


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  1. Of course you’re a WN, Keith! If you don’t support state-forced integration and multi-culturalism, then you obviously hate people of color. I mean, there couldn’t possibly be another way to look at this. They aren’t being myopic at all…

    But seriously, this only demonstrates how deeply rooted this narrative of theirs is. Either you believe in state-forced integration or state-forced separation. There is no other position for them. I don’t even believe the question of intellectual honesty arises for these low-levels. They really believe this is what it amounts to. As for others with real power who construct the narrative, they have every reason to control this narrative for moral-equivalence and round out any other logically possible option. Because, for them, no other option can be permitted for their narrative to survive.

    • Well, the left-wing views racism that same way the religious right views abortion or the way the mainstream society views molestation of underage kids, i.e. as a supreme evil that can never be tolerated or ignored under any circumstances no matter what. I tend to view racism in the same way as I view alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s always going to be there. The key is harm reduction and minimizing it’s external effects, not self-righteous moralistic crusading.

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