Bill Kristol Plots a Neocon Coup

My guess is that Kristol is hoping for one of two outcomes with this. Either his candidate will throw the election to Hillary and his own neocon camp will defect to her side and try to puppet master her. Some neocons like the Kagans and Max Boot are already doing that. Or no candidate will get 270 electoral votes, and the election will go to the GOP controlled House where they will pick the winner. I’m not even sure the House would be constitutionally bound to select one of the actual candidates. They could potentially appoint Paul Ryan, Shitty Mitty or McInsane as Prez if they wanted. What Kristol is essentially trying to do is organize a coup by neocons and unreconstructed Reaganites.

The upside would be the exposure of the system for the sham that it is, and the entire range of political camps- alt right, Trumpians, libertarians, centrists, Democrats, far left-would be calling for the neocons’ heads.

By Dylan Matthews

“A credible presidential candidate?” Oh, I never said that, I said “steamed hams,” mmmm, steamed hams.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

For months now, Weekly Standard editor and conservative coalition broker Bill Kristol has been promising to recruit an independent candidate to run against Donald Trump. He started floating the idea back in December, and got more serious in March, floating Ben Sasse, the firmly anti-Trump first-term senator from Nebraska, as a potential head of the ticket. He and allies reportedly also looked into Gen. James Mattis and former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn as potential standard-bearers for a conservative anti-Trump ticket.

So when Kristol sent this tweet over Memorial Day weekend, it seemed like a big deal:


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