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It’s imperialism, stupid!

Finally, a leftist who gets it. Although I do think the ATS perspective is superior to Trumpism.

Aidan O’Brien


Have we reached the endgame of Western democracy? When we heard Chomsky, a week or two ago on Democracy Now, saying that if pushed he’d vote for Clinton, it felt like the end. So hell is this Hobbesian choice: xenophobia or genocide? And it’s seeing the best of us choose genocide.

Which is worse: the deportation of a few million or the destruction of a few million? Both are hellish but the extermination of millions is obviously worse. So why would Chomsky choose otherwise? He’s not alone. Western wisdom is behind Clinton even though she supported the Iraqi genocide; helped to organise the Libyan and Syrian genocides; and for the heck of it primed the weapons of genocide in Eastern Europe (Victoria Nuland is her girl).

All that Trump wants to do, in comparison, is to build a wall and reach out to the Klu Klux Klan. Yet he is supposedly the greatest threat to Western democracy. Although Trump’s foreign policy will probably be “genocide as usual” there is a chance, however tiny, that he will disrupt the West’s plans for World War III. We know that Clinton is part of the West’s foreign policy establishment. And we know that Trump is not. So why fear Trump more than Clinton?

The problem is nationalism. For Western Liberals and Leftists  nationalism is the dirtiest word there is. In their mistaken eyes it simply means fascism, protectionism, ethnic poison or just good old xenophobia. In the age of Globalisation: nationalism is the bogeyman. And Trump is playing the part to perfection.

This age of Globalisation however is a euphemism for yet another period of Western Imperialism.


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  1. Of all the relatively well-known leftist publications in the US, Counterpunch is probably the one that is closest to ATS in philosophy and outlook, except that ATS is explicitly anarchist and secessionist (other than that we’re very similar). Not surprisingly Counterpunch has been attacked by the PC fascists in the same manner as ATS as this article indicates (a response by Counterpunch editor Jeffrey St. Clair is included in the comments section):

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