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Interchange – Racist Revolutionaries: The Alt-Right Uprising?

The host of this show discusses me in some detail from the predictable perspective of a far left hysteric. Listen here.

Some good music on this podcast. I don’t recall my conversation with this guy, but I’d say he has me about 80% correct. I’m definitely about overthrowing the “plutocratic imperialist police state.” I also agree, as I said at NPI in 2011, that mass immigration serves the interests of the power elite across the spectrum at the expense of the domestic working class and potentially threatens traditional liberal values (I suppose you could recognize this and still be for mass immigration anyway, but it seems that such concerns ought to at least be heard and considered).

I also agree with the idea of self-determination for all, whether those under attack by U.S. imperialism, by the imperialism of other states, by global capitalism, or by those under attack by the state domestically. However, what this guy gets wrong is that my interest in the Alt Right is rooted in their opposition to totalitarian humanism and American imperialism, not their white nationalism. I think WNs are entitled to free speech like everyone else though I don’t adhere to theories of racial determinism.

This guy‘s entitled to his criticism but I thought the flavor of his comments about me was along lines of “Teacher! A bad kid tried to sell me drugs behind the gym!”

It’s also interesting how the Left and neo-Nazis mirror each other in the sense that what both really seem to want most is a race war.Listening to the contents of that podcast, it’s apparent what they’re interested in is a racialist-Communist revolution, as opposed to the racialist-fascist revolution preferred by their opponents.

The fixation that these people have on race and racism is really interesting. I find the psychology of that to be curious. For example, the way he describes ATS is that of someone who views the world from the perspective of a funhouse mirror. Any normal person that visited ATS would see a multi-ethnic, multi-ideological eclectic alternative politics site with a general anarchist, libertarian, and anti-state orientation. But these folks see nothing but Nazis, probably because that’s what they want to see. Their identity is defined by the menacing presence of their enemies.

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