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After Brussels Attack, Will Response Be More War or a Look at the Root Causes of Terrorism?

To ask the question is to answer it. See this discussion at Democracy Now.

Western countries have looked the other way while their “allies” among the Gulf states have fueled Islamic extremists. At times, the West has directly or indirectly sought to fuel Islamic extremists as a weapon against independent secular nationalist regimes that repressed Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. The West has also propped up regional dictators that serve to create sympathy for radical Islamic movements. The West has also sought to topple regimes that were a bulwark against more extreme forms of Islamism. The West has consistently provided economic and military aid along with political and diplomatic support to Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. Western military intervention in the region has escalated regional wars and created millions of casualties and dislocated refugees which in turn fuels Islamic extremism. Most of this is done for the purpose of monopolizing the petroleum trade, abetting Israeli expansionism, or exercising political hegemony. So, yes, much of the Islamic terrorism problem is a result of what intelligence specialists refer to as “blowback.

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