Will Trump Be the Ironic Salvation of the GOP?

Many commentators, including myself, have speculated in the past that the GOP may be on its last legs due the fact that its only reliable constituency (older WASPs) are shrinking demographically and dying off. Various options have also been suggested as means for the Republicans to save themselves.

Some more mainstream conservative commentators have suggested that the Republicans need to do more attract minority voters in the same way that Nixon was able to bring “white ethnics” that had previously been loyal Democratic voters into the Republican camp. On the margins, some like the paleoconservative writer Steve Sailer, have suggested that the GOP become a kind of “white nationalism lite” party. Some on the Left, like Rick Perlstein and Jamelle Bouie, have argued that the Republicans will likely be able to save themselves by redefining what it means to be white (e.g., as more and more Hispanics become assimilated they will increasingly be considered merely Caucasian rather than as a minority).

Ironically, there is some evidence that Donald Trump might be having the effect of contributing to both possibilities, i.e. galvanizing conservative whites with nationalist rhetoric while simultaneously drawing a greater number of minorities to the Republicans.

I certainly don’t think that the salvation of the Republican Party is a worthy cause, and Trump has nothing to do with the politics of ATS, but the Trump phenomenon is interesting from the ATS perspective because Trump is an example of someone that is perceived to be anti-establishment, rightfully or wrongfully, and is building a populist following in a way that cuts across conventional left/right/center boundaries.

By Daryl Deino


The Drudge Report linked to an article by a well-known conservative website on Tuesday that claimed Donald Trump is polling very well with minorities. This led to a lot of liberal sites losing their heads. Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast wondered why Matt Drudge was “boosting” Donald Trump.

“It’s no wonder. The Drudge site is (gulp) its readers’ most trusted news source, and nearly every day it’s playing a pro-Trump piece high up. As I write this, Tuesday the 29th, the story is ‘New poll shows Trump strong among minorities.’ The link is to a story on World Net Daily, a far-right site whose stock in trade is headlines like ‘Democrats Think Christians Bigger Threat Than Muslims,’ and it’s to a poll commissioned by…World Net Daily!”

But even if the poll appeared to be biased, there are some African-Americans who are lining up behind Trump. Rolling Out recently interviewed two of Trump’s most well-known supporters, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson.

“He wants to secure our borders to keep America and the American people safe. He wants to bring back our good jobs where people are thriving again and he wants to make America greater and stronger where our country is reverenced again,” was the response when asked why they support Trump.

Donald Trump Election
Not everybody who is a minority dislikes Donald Trump. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Supporting Donald Trump is not politically correct in the African-American community, and in the same interview, Hardaway and Richardson describe how they deal with the backlash.

“Our support comes from people of all races in the United States and around the world. Although we know that some people may have a difference of opinion, we know that the more some spew hate the more we have to educate.”

There are a significant number of those in the LGBT community who support Trump. According to the Huffington Post, gay YouTube personality Kyle Kittleson is one of them.

“In a five-minute video, the Los Angeles-based Kittleson said he plans to vote for Trump, who he bizarrely praises as a ‘slightly crazy uncle who’s a little behind the times, but still knows what’s best.’”

“Long before Hillary Clinton supported gay marriage and gay rights, Donald Trump supported equal rights for everybody,” Kittleson says in the video.


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