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Black Officials Fleece Ferguson’s Neighboring Town

Everything will be better when we’ve achieved racial equality among the leadership of the police state, right?

By Justin Glawe

The Daily Beast

Hope for change in Mike Brown’s hometown lies with voters, but just changing the color of government isn’t enough: Just look down the road.
Ferguson, Missouri, voters head to the polls Tuesday with a chance to overthrow the white City Council and all those who answer to it who have been blamed for keeping the town’s black residents broke and scared of police.

But it’s far from certain that a Ferguson City Council with more black members will change how the city is run. Black leaders may not necessarily mean better lives for black residents, a fact of life that anyone from Detroit or Newark could tell you about.

You don’t have to peer all the way to Motown to see this. In fact, all you have to do is look five miles down the road from Ferguson to Pine Lawn, Missouri.


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