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Gays, Religious Traditionalists, and the Feeling of Being Under Siege

One nation, indivisible? Hardly.

This is the best article I’ve seen to date on the gay wedding cakes vs Christian bakeries brouhaha.

By Conor Friedersdorf

The Atlantic

Herri met de Bles, “Siege at Thérouanne” c. 1510 (CEA/Flickr)

After hearing from dozens of traditionalist Christians and as many gays and lesbians about recent clashes, I can report that many members of both groups feel under siege—and many don’t really get why members of the other group feel besieged, too.

If you’re a religious believer surrounded by coreligionists and exposed to their Facebook feeds, your notion of America’s cultural landscape is shaped by stories of traditionalists being denounced as bigots, compared to segregationists, and having their ability to provide for their families threatened for publicly opposing gay marriage.


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  1. Famously america has been known as the ‘big melting pot’ whilst in actual fact it’s the ‘big centrifuge’. In more civilized countries businesses have the right to sell (or not) their wares to whomever they choose, without explanation. That’s called ‘freedom’

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