Greening Out Podcast #25 – Caity and Dan Try To Solve The Mystery of Scotland’s Socialist Tendencies


Caity and Dan present their ideas as to why so many people in Scotland have socialist tendencies, we chat about Margaret Thatcher, the poll tax (why Murray Rothbard thought that Thatcher had missed the point of a flat tax) and how future Scottish socialist politicians got their start during the poll tax riots, the bedroom tax, Red Clydeside, Jimmy Reid and his communist party education and of course Dan’s weird Alan Partridge ring-tones.

We go on to explore how these ideas from the past continue to be mainstream in younger people because of indoctrination by their parents, the high number of state employees in Scotland compared to England, the privatisation of Royal Mail, the more state spending per-head in Scotland in comparison with England, our definition of socialism, the problems with debating and why Dan can’t be arsed with it, Scottish movies and TV shows and why a lot of them show very poor and gritty conditions.

We then lighten up with funny Irn Bru adverts and how they offended people, the notion of a voluntary NHS, politically acceptable radicals and what real radicals are and what markets want. We question what the Labour party are even for anymore, how politicians aren’t real people and why it’s ridiculous that many of them have never had a real job, the questionable ethics of said politicians, Tony Blair and the Iraq war, how anarchism used to be a much larger movement in the early 20th century, the work of Voltairine De Cleyre, the apathy present in modern culture and our optimism of the power of the internet to spread libertarian and anarchist ideas widely.

We finish with the punk band The Exploited’s song “Don’t Pay The Poll Tax” .

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