Greening Out Podcast #30 – Political Voyeurism Reply


Caity and Dan finally acknowledge that there is a general election looming in the UK and start to attempt some political analysis (which inevitably goes off on strange tangents).

Caity starts by explaining why she feels like a voyeur when she looks at sociopathic politicians screwing the people and each other. We bash the Green Party heavily, largely because of their crazy policies and the fact that they are a fast-growing party but no-one within the party seems to have cracked open a serious book on economics.

We also wonder why so much effort is made to demonize UKIP (who we don’t support) but not the Green Party despite their larger membership and more ‘radical’ policies. We get into Natalie Bennett’s terrible interviews, the decline of the Scottish Labour Party, how many ‘shat it’ at the Scottish independence referendum and the unpopularity of being someone with a basic understanding of economics. We also express our alarm at so many so-called ‘Scottish secessionists’ drifting towards the Greens, the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Socialist party.


Greening Out Podcast #26 – Bad Capitalism Can Lead To Socialism Reply


Join Caity and Dan as we start by complaining about their internet going down for a few days in the Greening Out household then get on to how bad customer service can be very frustrating and can lead to some people thinking that certain industries would work better if they were nationalised.
We talk about why nationalisation doesn’t work, how the government has no incentive to give any kind of customer service, people talking romantically about the 1970’s in the UK, some modern examples of political parties who are pushing for certain industries to be nationalised, government taking ‘payment holidays’ from pension funds and why government departments and industries don’t care how much you complain.


Greening Out Podcast #25 – Caity and Dan Try To Solve The Mystery of Scotland’s Socialist Tendencies Reply


Caity and Dan present their ideas as to why so many people in Scotland have socialist tendencies, we chat about Margaret Thatcher, the poll tax (why Murray Rothbard thought that Thatcher had missed the point of a flat tax) and how future Scottish socialist politicians got their start during the poll tax riots, the bedroom tax, Red Clydeside, Jimmy Reid and his communist party education and of course Dan’s weird Alan Partridge ring-tones.

We go on to explore how these ideas from the past continue to be mainstream in younger people because of indoctrination by their parents, the high number of state employees in Scotland compared to England, the privatisation of Royal Mail, the more state spending per-head in Scotland in comparison with England, our definition of socialism, the problems with debating and why Dan can’t be arsed with it, Scottish movies and TV shows and why a lot of them show very poor and gritty conditions.