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Greening Out Podcast #26 – Bad Capitalism Can Lead To Socialism


Join Caity and Dan as we start by complaining about their internet going down for a few days in the Greening Out household then get on to how bad customer service can be very frustrating and can lead to some people thinking that certain industries would work better if they were nationalised.
We talk about why nationalisation doesn’t work, how the government has no incentive to give any kind of customer service, people talking romantically about the 1970’s in the UK, some modern examples of political parties who are pushing for certain industries to be nationalised, government taking ‘payment holidays’ from pension funds and why government departments and industries don’t care how much you complain.

We go on to chat about how government can’t even finish painting a bridge in Glasgow, why local councils do so-called public works that are unnecessary  just to obtain the same budget the year after, we then go on the do a little ‘ancapistan’ private road theorizing and Caity tells us about government roads that stink of urine.
We theorize further about why private parks could also be preferable to government parks, why some people get the wrong idea about the free market, ‘satanic’ messages in music, Caity’s ‘Hixian’ views.  The Scottish Socialist Party and their crazy economic ideas, the problems with socialism in general, Austrian economics and the subjective theory of value, tax evasion in all it’s forms and why it is not a bad thing because you owe the state nothing.
We go on to talk about feeling like a libertarian instinctively, Dan’s journey from socialism to libertarianism, Penn & Teller and card magic and Walter Block. We get into anarchism it’s relation to belief in god and finish by mentioning (again) Libertarians Against Humanity.

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