Am I a Right-O?

By Khadija Umayyad

If you’ve been reading this blog [i], you’ve probably noticed that I am fairly critical of the left, especially the liberal and ‘rights’ oriented left. You might wonder if I’m some kind of right-winger. Well, some people might say so, but I don’t think so.

My approach to things is a mix of nihilism and pluralism. I do not believe that everyone is required to be friendly, respectful, and un-bigoted. I do not believe that life is inherently superior in leveled societies. I do not believe that there is really any reason to seek to remake mankind, and certainly not to make everyone in the image of Yankee metrosexual social democrats, not even of the anarchic variety. I don’t believe that race or class solidarity are necessary for the success of the anarchist project, and I do not believe that religion or Anglo-Saxon family values have anything in particular to recommend them to this entire planet. Plenty of people get along fine being homosexual druggies, and plenty of people seem to manage living in Amish communities. Different strokes for different folks.

I tend not to think in moralizing or football-team terms, so I don’t really identify with the left or the right. In a long article I am preparing (who knows when it will be out) I intend to go into the question of left-and-right more deeply, but my general impression that they reflect evolved heuristics of hunter-gatherers and civilized folks. They’re both flawed, and not without significant overlap.

I do not believe that ‘poor people are oppressed’, nor do I believe that ‘the Catholic Church built Western Civilization’. I do believe in the ineradicable nature of hierarchy, i.e. there are those who make production decisions and have authority over specific properties and those who do not. This is not even an anthropic principle, it is a basic logical one. Moralizing against hierarchy is like moralizing against scarcity. It may be leveraged by political artifice in many situations, but it will always be with us. I also believe in authority (i.e., some people have the right to dispose of specific resources and enact plans, while others do not). I believe in radical inequality (i.e., no one is anyone else), and I am not unfriendly to the notion that hereditary genetic differences can be responsible for huge disparities in individual personalities (libertarians are born, not made) and group outcomes (evolution does not stop at the neck, and race isn’t skin-deep).

I don’t have much respect for family, especially monogamy, and I think the demonization of pornography (left and right) is idiotic and represents more personal inadequacies of the critic than any actual problem with pornography. I don’t care about small community spirit, or nationalism, or ethnic pride; and the nation I was born to (the USA) is a piece of shit and its institutions deserve to be smashed like the rotten wicker that they are. I am fairly liberal toward drugs, and I really don’t care about the outlier cases of hardcore drug-users one way or another (the libertarian and atheist author George H. Smith has admitted to having a severe heroin dependence). I don’t believe most people should have children, and I think that children are pretty much free to abandon their parents at will (I also recognize that most of the shuffling breeders on this planet will never accept this, and I can shrug it off). I absolutely reject as mystical nonsense the propositions of supernaturalism, though I have a more nuanced view of religion than most frothing anti-theists of the Humanist/Mainstream sort, who are themselves nothing but the worst elements of Christianity personified.

So, am I a Right-O? Probably not. Nor am I any kind of leftist, by conventional definitions. I do not very strongly identify with the liberal-leftism of most libertarians, either. I would say I am highly syncretic and hyper-individualist, if anything, and a habitual iconoclast [ii]. I am different enough, I know, so that I routinely piss off most leftists, rightists, and libertarians I come across. Well, fuck you, too! Go live in your hippy communes and monarcho-capitalist rural principalities. Me: I just want guns, drugs, money, and capitalist prostitution. Leave us cosmopolitan hedonists alone and I couldn’t give a damn what you think.

i. Not that anyone reads this blog.

ii. i.e., a troll.

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