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Four years ago, I called for a revolution in the anarchist milieu whereby the hegemony of political correctness would be purged or at least overrun and eclipsed. Since then, remarkable progress has been made towards that goal. This article  is a case in point.


By Khadijah Umayyad

My personal political leanings – where I would like to live – approach Anarcho-Capitalism. However, my view of a serviceable political programme is pan-secessionist, pan-archist, and an advocacy ‘mere anarchism’ divorced from any ‘thick’ or utopian-moralizer schemes. You only need to have people accept a sort of tribal distinction so they can all have their own priorities within communities to achieve this. Urban secession, rural federations, etc. would be a great start.

I suspect that, if this persisted long enough, something approaching AnCapistan might come into play; but in the meanwhile if some of them are a bit fascist and some are a bit syndicalist and some hate Russians – well, that’s none of my business, really. As long as they’re not engaged in invasion of other communities, in which case we should just smash them to smithereens and take their shit.

I really don’t share the hatred of non-propertarian social schemes that libertarians do, and not because I am aneconomic retard (as many left-anarchists, admittedly, are). Though I believe, with most Austrian economists and propertarian philosophers, that non-propertarian societies tend to have persistent incentive and organizational problems. This reminds me of something Max Stirner said, “as all men are not rational it is probable that they can not be.” Propertarian hardcore anarchism may make a lot of sense and critique statist and non-statist political orders
very well, but the wretched apes inhabiting this spinning ball don’t care about philosophy. The best we can hope for is to get the monkeys off our back.

I don’t believe in any ‘natural rights’, and I accept that other people obviously put a lot of stock in moral feelings like ‘fairness’ that don’t concern me in the least. If they want to inflict their broken values and slave-paradigms onto society they can go right ahead. I just want to deprive them of an institutionalized, imperial platform from which to corrupt all of mankind.

My idea of an anarchistic future is a lot more like Hezbollah,than Anarcho-Randianism. Despite their protestations to the contrary, the libertarians are usually very utopian and verge into ‘thick’ libertarianism by demanding that everyone accept the Non-Aggression Principle before we can achieve ‘tru-anarchy’. I don’t agree at all, and I don’t think their arguments make any sense in regards to ethics. The movement needs to shift away from the liberal-utopist model that dominates modern political reasoning, statist or non-statist.

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