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Free Speech and Fascism

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There are many who, in the wake of our recent action in San Francisco, have accused Circle Ansuz of being anti-free speech. This is the furthest thing from the truth. As one would expect from a group of anarchists, we LOVE freedom of speech. Many of the great fights to protect and enhance free speech rights in the United States, for example, were spearheaded by anarchists and labor radicals like Emma Goldman and Big Bill Haywood. The freedom to speak one’s mind without fear of official retribution is essential for the creation of a free, just society.

So in light of that, how can any group which claims to love free speech demand the shutdown of a publishing house, a key element in the dissemination of speech and ideas? Some argue this is an act of censorship. By muzzling an organization we disagree with or oppose, they argue, we are no better than the people we claim to fight. In their rush to condemn our actions the proponents of this position have missed the larger point.

Counter-Currents Publishing, and the organizations they support, are not seeking free, open discourse. For all their posturing the fact is Counter-Currents and their supporters are advancing an ideology which is inherently opposed to the letter and spirit of free speech and human rights. Regardless of how they package and repackage their nakedly fascist, white supremacist agenda, the ideologies they promote all share the same core objective: the complete subjugation and subordination of everything they consider to be inferior to them, whether that is marked by ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or nationality. This is justified by claiming “inferiors” are somehow less human in some key element than the members of the so-called “Master Race”. Whether they believe in forced resettlement and segregation, the revival of systems like apartheid and Jim Crow, or outright genocide, the key assumption behind neo-Nazism, neo-fascism, and radical traditionalism is that other human beings are naturally inferior. This means they are not entitled to the same protections and rights, including the right to live, as their “natural” superiors.

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  1. Are anti-fascists just rebels for the system?

    These pieces they write are almost comedic in their regurgitation of the mainstream narrative. Everything from the semantics they use (White Supremacy, segregationist) to their “inevitable” conclusions (the fascists will kill, they will make concentration camps!)

    The irony is that the only real fascist state today, the only real country that most resembles many of the tenets of National Socialism, is Israel.

    And the fact that anti-fascists spend most their time lambasting White Nationalists and physically assaulting them during something like as small as a dinner meeting, while giving only impotent quips against Zionism itself speaks legion of who these supposed “anti-system” activists ultimately answer to.

    • “The problem goes all the way through to the elite who don’t even know they’re the elite. From the Silicon Valley robber barons to the Ivy League schools, they all think they’re rebels from the counterculture attacking the “establishment” or the “elite” which is always elsewhere”

      That’s the gist of the hostile, western Elite I suppose. A feminist women who makes 6 figures + in a professional career can actually feels threatened by a”war on women” conducted by the mythical W.A.S.P. boys club elite attempting to curtail her ability to stay a barren, lonely slut for the rest of her life.

      An upper-class, likely A.A. black politician in Detroit decries “White Privilege,” while enjoying the privilege of a minorities spoils system: namely its habit of creating constituencies well indoctrinated to vote in corrupt plutocrats like himself out a misguided sense of racial loyalty.

      All the while a Jewish media mogul teaches his children about the horrors of the holocaust and the endless history of victomhood of his chosen people. Then, he zips Mark Potok a lavish check to keep the SPLC humming along defaming anyone who finds the thought of America looking like Haiti in 50 years somewhat unpleasant. He then checks the Jerusalem Post the next day and smiles at the news that those dirty Africans are being deported from the beaches of Tel Aviv. “Oy Vey!” he says, delighted to see his home-Nation stay pure in Jewish blood. He then gets a call from another Jewish buddy about financing a movie called “the help.”

      Heck, even emperor Nero would find our ruling elite lacking in a healthy sense of noblesse oblige.

  2. i read an article of theirs. They chase people like David Irving around and use violence and coercion to prevent people who wish to voluntarily attend his lectures from getting into the venue.

    Then they claim David Irving lectures are always followed by an upsurge in violence…gee, really? Who would have thought?

    These antifas look like goyim desperately attempting to be jewish.

    The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

    The antifa shouts he is for free speech and non-violence, as he tells you to shut up or else…

  3. Zersetzung zealots, if they are not getting paid for their collaborationism then they a fools. I looked at this groups Facebook page and was amazed at how many of my friends are friends with their supporters. People mistakenly believe that these folks are just the other side of some sectarian dichotomy but they are fingermen, denouncers, they are the types that show up early for executions to be sure to get a good spot.

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