American Decline

A Vote of “No Confidence?”

Jack Donovan

I fully expected Barack Obama to be elected to a second term as President of the United States of America. On Electorbation Day, I voted with my ass.

Apparently, so did a lot of people, and that’s exactly the outcome I was hoping for.

Many conservatives, with whom I sympathize (especially for pro-gun reasons) are frustrated and disappointed. They are blaming Gary Johnson voters and voters who, like me, stayed home.

But, let’s be real.

Mitt Romney wasn’t going to lead America into a red, white and blue renaissance of manly patriotism. No, while his rhetoric was clumsily tuned to appeal to white men, he couldn’t even come up with fake policy recommendations that were substantially different from anything Obama had to offer. He was never going to roll back special privileges or entitlements for women or minorities, and to maintain any chance in hell of getting elected to a second term with a growing Latino population, there was absolutely no chance that he would move to secure the borders or control illegal immigration. There is every reason to believe that, like Obama, he was going to be an interventionist war president. There is every reason to believe that, like Obama, he would reliably choose globalism over nationalism, big government over small government, and big business over small business.


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  1. Some republicans blame an Obama victory on voting for third party candidates… I blame an Obama victory on the fact that people did not vote for third party candidates. Why blame the small percentage of people who voted for third parties when one could blame the large percentage of people who voted for one of the two major parties.

  2. Liberalism is a natural progression that has started in the 17th century and is reaching its limit. Democracy naturally favors the Liberal ideal, each generation more Liberal then the next, because Liberalism speaks to our most hedonistic desires. It allows an easy way out in a world that isn’t easy nor fair.

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