Robert Stark Interviews Siryako Akda Reply

Counter-Currents Radio

Siryako Akda is a Filipino graduate of Political Science and a contributor to Alternative Right. He is an avid observer of international politics, and has a keen interest in right-wing metapolitics.

Topics discussed:

  • The New Right as an alternative to Left-wing anti-globalism
  • What does the New Right have to offer the non-white world?
  • The material benefits of colonialism to the Third World vis-à-vis its harm to traditional culture and religion
  • The narrative of the Left with regard to colonialism
  • Why no non-white culture has return to its traditions since the end of colonialism
  • What do we replace modernity with?
  • Alain de Benoist’s The Problem of Democracy
  • Individualist liberal values vs. collectivist democratic values

Listen to the podcast

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