White nationalists attack!

Following the spat his post generated on this-here site, Mojo scribes a follow-up


My post ‘Fuck white nationalists,’ which was recently reposted at Attack the System, has generated some anger from – wait for it – white nationalists!
I should reiterate that I consider many WN grievances to be legitimate, but their proposed solutions would be even worse. For more on that, see the original article.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok responded by saying I don’t like WNs because they believe in power, which isn’t really true at all. Ryu said roughly the same thing at Eradica – that I don’t like WNs because they have too much dedication – although he also claims that my only beef with WNs is that I want to sleep with Asian women.

Says Ryu:

White nationalists are fanatics!  We go too far!  Too much fire, too much dedication.  These things frighten the weak and the mediocre.  But I promise that I won’t sell out the white race for a piece of Asian pussy.
The more ambitious a man is, the more confidence and fanaticism he must have!  If all a man wants in this world is a bunch of Asian sunshine girls, he may purchase a ticket to Thailand and teach English; end of story.  The white nationalist wants more and demands more.  Thus he requires a more powerful fuel than mere libido, which the lowest shine-ape in Africa has.

False dichotomy. One may pursue both the Dionysean and the intellectual pleasures. (Thailand sounds pretty good, though.)
The thread at ATS is pretty long and filled with people of various anarchist/nationalist persuasions arguing amongst themselves, plus the occasional gem of senility from thordaddy. I’m just going to address a few comments made to me. First, Sebastian left a long comment making a number of counter-arguments, so I’ll go through that point by point:

Mojo, I had never been to your site and this was the first article of yours I have read.
First things firs, your posting of pictures “exotic asian beauties” counterpointed by unattractive psychotic white women is not very honest (toi say the least). There’s quite a few Chinese women in my corner of the woods and they sure ain’t “exotic beauties”. Do you want me to take a few pics of them and send them your way so you can give your post a veneer of visual balance?

It’s a generalization, Sebastian. As a whole, Eastern women are feminine in a way that Western women aren’t any more. By which I mean they aren’t obese, and are generally more pleasant to be around. That doesn’t mean I think every single Asian woman is like this. NAAWALT!

A few more comments:
“Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males.”
I am not interested in any woman of any race or culture that holds ghetto negro mating rituals as an ideal metric of how the genders should behave towards one another.
Those ladies should perhaps pay less attention to negro flirts and more to the numbers of multiracial black male/white female pairings that end up with the death or rape of the female.

(The quote was not from me, but a white nationalist woman.)
I have no disagreement here. But they’re your WN women, not mine, so maybe you should tell them, and not me. As I suggested in the original article, WN men are fundamentally unable to keep their own women under any kind of control, even to the point that the women are cuckolding them with men of other races (if only psychologically).

“When you’re criticizing the system for being racist against your people, about the dumbest thing you can do is to commit the same offence.”
The system is not racist against white people. By definition, only white people can be racists and the only “victims” of racism are non-whites. This isn’t my opinion, this is the often-quoted wisdom of the system itself.
The beef of WNs with the system is that it’s Anti-White. Or if you prefer a synonym the system is Anti-Racist, because Anti-Racist is only a code-word for Anti-White.

Semantics. I get that the system perverts and expands the definition of emotive terms in order to wage mindwar. We don’t have to be the same.
I’m familiar with how fucked the system is towards whites, as I made clear. I have no disagreement here. None of this, however, justifies a new system that is exactly the same towards some other group, which seems to be what WNs are going for.

“I took Metapedia off my links list when I realized it’s just anti-Jew shit,”
Could you enlighten us then, and point us in the way of some good anti-jew material that isn’t “shit”? Or is it your opinion that all and any criticism of jews is simply “shit”?

‘Shit’ as in ‘stuff,’ Sebastian. I removed Metapedia from my links after clicking around on it and getting the impression that it’s just anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing, rather than what I had hoped (an alternative, accurate encyclopedia without mainstream or fringe bias).
If you want to criticize Jews then fire away, but when I see the neologism ‘Holohoax,’ I roll my eyes and close the tab.

“Speaking of which, the other reason I can’t really abide white nationalists is their following mantra: Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth.”
You really are ignorant of what you purport to criticize, aren’t you?
That isn’t “The Mantra”, if you want the mantra in its complete version go check “Horus the Avenger” site, I wrote the core of the mantra above. “Anti-Racist is just a code for Anti-White”.

‘The Mantra’? I said this was a mantra, Sebastian, not the mantra.
Mantra, n. An often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism.
I’ve seen that phrase about the beauty of the white Aryan woman repeated all over white nationalist blogs and sites. I’d say it qualifies as a mantra. You’re allowed more than one.

What you quoted is the line that follows David Lane’s 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”. Now please analyze that sentence, objectively and impartially and tell me how you reach the conclusion that agreeing with it automatically makes one a freakin’ evil nazi. I would really like to read your essay on that.

Well Sebastian, I didn’t criticize those fourteen words, did I? No, I criticized fourteen different words. I didn’t comment on those particular fourteen words at all. Much less did I reach the conclusion that agreeing with it makes one an evil Nazi.
In fact, if you read the original article again, then I outright defended the sentiment of those fourteen words. To quote myself:

White people have the right to defend themselves, to secure their existence and their future

So exactly what are you talking about Sebastian?
What makes this even more bizarre is that he goes on to quote that line in order to criticize it on different grounds:

“White people have the right to defend themselves, to secure their existence and their future – just like every other race of people. Nobody questions the right of black people to secure their existence and future.”

i certainly do question the right of black people (or any other people) to secure their existence when it is done at the (very, very costly) expense of whites.

Cf. my point about WNs being exactly the same as the people they criticize. “At the expense of whites” is a qualification that does not appear in my post, and renders his point irrelevant.

That is a form of aggression. As a violation of the non-aggression principle, white people are fully entitled to lash out in self-defense against the aggressors and their enablers. As a Libertarian/Anarchist type surely you understand this better than most. Please explain how I am wrong, I’d like to read it.

You’re wrong because that’s a collectivistic point of view, not a libertarian or anarchist one. All white people do not equally feel the pain from an attack on one of their number. Not every black person is responsible for said attack by one of their number.
It’s shit like this, WNs. You are pasty Marxist pegs in round holes. You can’t think outside these little Manichean boxes. The world for you is literally black and white.
The solution is to get white grievances taken seriously, and I don’t mean as a special interest group. It’s to remove the special treatment of blacks and other ethnicities. Where all people are actually treated as equal, responsible adults in the eyes of the law, blacks who participate in random street violence and flash mobs can expect to get they asses banged up for a long, long time. Whatever it would take for a punishment to function as an effective deterrent would be justified, including the permanent exile of violent criminals. But the idea that this should be done on a collective basis, by race, is where you lose me because it’s just like all the other forms of destructive, anti-human Marxism.

“You guys are a bunch of fucking fruit loops, and you go too far.”
Unless you are a professional psychologist and “fruit loops” is a scientific term, I’d say this is just your individual, subjective opinion and therefore of no real consequence.

Of course it’s my individual, subjective opinion. Of course it’s of no real consequence.

Most people I have had political conversations with considered Libertarians/Anarchists “fucking fruit loops” too, or something along that line. I never paid attention to their puerile, unsubstantiated insults.

Good for you. That’s exactly the attitude we hope to cultivate here at the Chronicles: who gives a fuck anyway? This is nothing but banter as far as I’m concerned.

“If your ideal society doesn’t let me speak my mind and fuck whichever consenting adults I please, then you’ve already lost me.”
So what is your beef exactly? WNs will not want someone in their society who puts “the right” to screw “exotic asians” at the top of his political platform. They are not interested in Libertarians/Anarchists types that put their dicks before politics and the continued survival of their race and culture. They are not interested in white people that are ruled mostly by their sexual apetites.
WNs will not force you to join their society, if fact they won’t even want you around. You will be free to have as much sex with Miss Misa Campo as you want provided you do it outside their borders.

And that’s my beef, right there – I’m not happy with the idea of fascists taking over and exporting all the Asian sunshine girls (and me, I guess). They would kick me – a white man! – out of my own homeland because they’re threatened by what I think and say and who I choose to fuck.
So how exactly are the WNs better, from my point of view, than any invading alien race? Seems I get displaced whatever happens.
As for putting my dick before politics: false dichotomy, brother. Like I responded to Ryu: it’s not impossible to be political and pursue knowledge and intellectual pleasures and also enjoy sex. I’d say that a well-rounded human being does all these things and more. Who said that screwing Asian girls is at the top of my political platform? I wrote one entire article about it, and that wasn’t intended as a manifesto.

But you don’t even grant them the same respect that they grant you. The fact that somewhere out there, there will be a white society where men don’t share your gusto for asian pussy just drives you mad…why?

No it doesn’t. The less white men interested in Asian girls, the better for me. Some of us have yellow fever, but trust me, plenty of Asian women have vanilla fever. Other white guys are my (friendly) competition for the sunshine I crave.

Just what is your problem anyway? Can you not just accept the fact that some people disagree with you, your lifestyle and your idealized society? You sure seem to disagree with them, very emotionally so.

Nice DARVO. I’m not the one who would restrict the sexual freedom of other people. I have no beef whatsoever with white nationalists, until they start interfering in my life.
I have no idealized society. My post was not written in defence of some utopian vision.

“There’s a very good reason why white nationalists don’t need to feel guilty about popping covert boners over Eastern babes like Misa Campo.”
First of all, Misa Campo is not an “Eastern babe”, she is a hybrid, or a half-breed. You can tell that just by seeing her physical traits and and name. So get your ethnicities right before you start talking of race. She is of Filipino, Dutch and Canadian descent, so in that sense she is more caucasian than asian. So this means the fact you find her “hot” is due more to her european genetics than her asian ones…why, you dirty little racist, you. Tsk, tsk.

I’d say it’s her minority Asian genes that make her bangable.

Second, no man, WN or not should need to feel guilty for having an erection caused by visual stimuli to his reptilian brain from a picture showing tits and ass, anymore than he needs to feel ashamed of having bowel movements or a heartbeat.
The difference is, some of us can control their libido, while others (such as you) feel such an overwhelming urge to copulate they make it part of their political platform.

Hahaha, this crap again. Part of my political platform? What the hell, why do white nationalists think I was writing a manifesto or treatise?
Moving on, Trainspotter says that white nationalism does offer many positives to average white guys like myself, in that a white ethnostate would boast low crime rates, a culture that values rather than degrades white men, job security, etc. He concedes that Asian chicks would not be on offer, apparently presuming that the latter is more important to me than the former. He says:

I’m not interested in appealing to your narrow self-interest. An ethnostate, white or otherwise, isn’t just about making a buck and feathering your nest. It’s about a people, a true nation, and a future for that people. It’s about a people fully in control of its own institutions.
That’s what we really offer: a future in a meaningful sense. If that’s not important to you, if you just don’t care what happens so long as you’re banging asian chicks, then we aren’t right for you, and you aren’t right for us. So be it. That doesn’t really explain the hostility that you’ve shown, as you would not be required to live in the ethnostate. It would be an option, not a requirement. So why the bad mojo, er, Mojo? Just do your own thing, and let a playa play.

If WNs wanted to set up in some unclaimed piece of land somewhere, then more power to them. I sure as hell wouldn’t try to stop them. I’d advocate their right to do this. I am roughly in agreement with ATS on secessionist National Anarchism here.
But what Trainspotter is leaving out is the explicit totalitarianism of well-known white nationalists like Ryu and Mindweapon. We’re not just talking about a nice place to live, we’re talking about repressive government. I’m against white nationalism for the same reason ATS is – the interests of the state are never the interests of the people.
Besides, there is no unclaimed land, and WNs won’t want to set up anew somewhere else anyway, because of pride in their European heritage. The only way a white ethnostate is going to form is by a coup/takeover of an existing state, and I don’t want to be kicked out of my homeland, nor do I want it to become totalitarian. This would be worse for me than the present situation.
Of course, in the event of a total systemic collapse followed by the formation/secession of localized identity-based communities, I would have no issue at all with WNs setting up their own domain. As long as they didn’t aggress on me, I would be happy to do my own thing and let those playas play.
Jennifer says:

Mojo you basically concede the legitimacy of white nationalism in this one post. It is technically true that there is no “unclaimed land” but there are vast swaths of uninhabited land suitable for white settlement and secession, so I don’t see what your problem is. Poland is still almost all white. They could simply say no to any further non-white immigration and welcome white immigration. Voila, a white homeland. French nationalists wouldn’t be satisfied with this to be sure, but they would certainly concede it was better than nothing. The truth is you just value sexual license above all else and that is your affair, but WN have different values.

As I responded over at ATS, I have no issue with the situations Jennifer describes. I would advocate for WNs to set up on unclaimed land. I also advocate the right of societies to restrict immigration as they please. I’m not a huge fan of multiculti, in case you didn’t pick that up from the original post.
I have to say I find it pretty funny that white nationalists are taking the article as some kind of treatise or expression of personal philosophy.
And because I’d rather not have a totalitarian government interfering in my sex life, I “value sexual license above all else” – I will never get tired of that line.
Never mind that I’ve written about plenty of other things, and hold values dear to my heart that I haven’t written about; no, let’s all assess Mojo’s entire values system by just one crass, vulgar and low-brow article.
All in all, the comments at ATS, Mindweapons, and Eradica are pretty good and there’s plenty of food for thought. I have been misinterpreted as an anarchist who would place having sex at the top of my political priorities, but that’s forgiveable. I will take back one thing I said in the original article, and that is that WNs are boneheads. If they were boneheads, they would have just become angry at me and made death threats. Instead, they actually engaged in discussion and brought up various different points in an attempt to sway me (not all of them bad). I’m used to dealing with zombie leftists who communicate in mantras and cry about ‘silencing’ when they’re disagreed with, so all in all this was a positive experience.
– Mojo

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  1. Glad to hear it, Mojo. I found your original article via a pingback, and I wasn’t enraged or anything, just bemused. My sense is that you are a bit naive.

    Here’s a link to a bank of essays by a man I consider the guru of White nationalism. He really clarified my thinking — that we are in a life or death struggle, not a game of beachball. that’s why in my post responding to you, I posted the youtube video “Battle at Kruger” Did you watch it? I consider White children analogous to that baby buffalo getting eaten by lions, and we White adults need to be at least as courageous and pro-active as those water buffalo. Notice the water buffalo drove all the lions away after recovering their baby. Anyway, here’s my favorite collection of essays ever, destined to be part of the pantheon of 21st century American literature:

  2. Mojo,

    It would take too long to answer directly to you comments on the quotes you selected from what I wrote. I would just like to say my post was crap compared to my usual because I was pressed for time to get to my old man’s birthday diner. I didn’t get to review or edit it or check it for repetition or holes. Heck, I didn’t even addressed your article’s point in order.

    Also, since you use a lot of humor and irony in your articles I did the same, but seem to have interpreted some of the jibes I made as if they were objective argumentation

    For the record I am not a WN, just interest it in. In fact I hate that term because it is used to refer to a variety political philosophies, some of which contradictory. And this is used, disingenuously, to critique it. I dislike self-detonating concepts but we are forced to use them because they are part of the lexicon.

    The reason I posted here is that I am technically an ex-Libertarian, although I maintain some of its values, including a couple of non-negotiable ones. But I do not believe a society built on libertarian blueprints (let alone a stateless one) can be achieved, or maintained, unless the polity where it happens is super-majority white, or exclusively white and remains so as time goes on.

    I know for a fact I am not the only former Libertarian that has made this leap, and unlike what seems to be the perception among “WNs”, I think Lib/Ana hosts may prove to be more fertile ground than most for promoting racial awakening and recruiting folk to work exclusively in their people’s interests.

    Its great you found all the writing going around here a nice experience. I would agree. And like I said, ATS is now part of my google reader roll.

  3. Mojo,

    You understand that when you casually bed Asian females with absolutely no imperial intent, you invoke all of the ire of the healthy-minded Asian man and none of the respect possibly accorded to one with imperial motive.

    Your outburst did nothing in the way of weakening the conceptual legitimacy of a white nationalism led by the white Supremacist. Your beef is with individuals and their “unacceptable” solutions.

    At the same time though, you would explicitly deny a white man’s right to strive towards Supremacy. The implication of course is that you would impress an “equality” on said white man similar to what your everyday radical liberationist would desire to do.

    So as many have attempted to inform you, a WN led by the WS is not an all-inclusive entity manned by those with “equal” stature. Your attempt here is to project an inherent totalitarianism found in the all-inclusive mandate of radical liberalism onto an entity that seeks separation, segregation and exclusivity.

    Ergo, you’re trying to obscure the inherent totalitarianism found in anarchy/libertarianism (both being paths leading to radical liberation/self-annihilation) by asserting that this repugnant characteristic ALSO exists in a white nationalism led by the white Supremacist.

    So now you get to choose the greater of two pleasures.

  4. You advertise a book by Evola on your blog yet criticise WN’s for their totalitarian tendencies?

    Evola would have spat on the WN’s, that’s if he deemed the limp-wristed poseurs worthy of his precious time.

    The only thing that will fix the grotesque reality tv psycho-drama that is modern day America is a nuclear holocaust, not another Juden-Yank Calvanist ideology.

    Go read some Evola, Jonathan Bowden’s speech provides an excellent introduction to his work if your interested.

    • “You advertise a book by Evola on your blog yet criticise WN’s for their totalitarian tendencies?”

      I don’t. This isn’t my blog. I didn’t publish/submit it here. Attack the System are plundering my blog for posts and then republishing them here.

  5. mojo,

    Why should I as a white man have to be on the receiving end of healthy-minded Asian male “hatred” because you want to enjoy bedding Asian females in indiscriminate fashion? And you do this as a “white man?”

    Dude, your sexual anarchy does collateral damage.

    Your indiscriminate sexual appetite soils us ALL in the minds of those non-whites already harboring deep grievances.

    And you don’t even do it with imperial intent!

    An impotent anarchist?

    Again, you did nothing to weaken the conceptual integrity of a WN led by a WS.

    • “Dude, your sexual anarchy does collateral damage.”

      I do that which I will.

      And you do nothing but whine pathetically about it and the indirect effects of it on YOUR life.

      Why would I care about that?

  6. Lol…

    Clown… My past sexual “anarchy” left an imperial imprint. Along with a legacy to cultivate.

    Your sexual anarchy leaves what???

    Hatred for white man?

          • But semi-seriously…. all of the white ladies; indeed all of the ladies I’ve been with of any race; with whom I’ve had relations with were willing participants and received mutual satisfaction from the exchange. I know it gets your little panties all in a bunch that some women and men enjoy sex, and that they seek one another out (in various flavors) for consequence-free, protected sex and sometime even extend their relationship into long term fuck sessions of companionship. And some of them even get married and have kids; or just have kids; or just get married. That’s just life; really. Lot’s of men and women are out there doing things to one another that you disapprove of; and all you can hope to do is control you and yours.

  7. Vince,

    Imagine for a moment that mojo changed his object of desire to “Indian” females. Then imagine mojo announcing to the world that he absolutely loves to casual bed “Indian” females.

    Now imagine Vince that your above statement IS ONLY EVIDENCE that you would be completely “tolerant” of mojo’s desire.

    What does that really say about you, Vince?

    And what do think those “Indian” females will think of you?

    Can you actually claim to be healthy in mind and heart?

    • Native girls are hot. Some choose to participate in casual sex, others do not.

      The white girls I’ve boned have practically thrown themselves at me. There must be something about a confident, dark skinned Native man that just drove them wild!

    • Here’s a semi-serious attempt at addressing this issue:

      I’ve written about the issues of blood quantum, race and Natives here:

      Basically, some tribes put a lot of stock into blood quantum (our version of racial purity) and some don’t. A lot of the tribes that do are actually only responding to incentives set up by the Federal Government in granting the power to an invented tribal bureaucracy to decide who is and who is not a tribal member. This is complete horseshit. Who was or was not part of a tribe has always been determined by individual bands, clans and even sometimes sub clans and families. For instance, my clan would never DREAM of challenging the membership of a white person who was adopted into another clan. Back in the day that would have been grounds for war. Same goes for mixed raced Natives.

      Now there are some tribes that even traditionally sought out and enforced marriage within the tribe and within the tribe only. This has translated into something akin to seeking out racial purity, but it has a lot to do with suspicion of hostile outsiders and a history of being surrounded by enemies on all sides. However, even in these tribes the culture of sticking to your own doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of the tribe. So in other words, my tribe may encourage it’s members to marry one another, but it wouldn’t give two shits if the tribe next door encouraged their tribal members to marry people from other tribes (some tribes actually encourage marrying outside of the tribe, but it gets complicated, because even the definition of “tribe” varies based on the context of the people involved in the discussion. Way beyond the scope of this little interwebz spat.)

      So what I’m trying to say is that your claim to some kind of ownership over all white women everywhere makes no fucking sense to my tribal brain. You have to be able to protect all white women everywhere to pretend to care about them as much as you do, and they have to want your protection (or be too scared of you to leave your “protection.”)

      There are 300 million people in this country. Luckily, it’s a pretty big continent. Plenty of room for everyone to live their own way; including you and yours.

  8. Vince,

    It seems that you missed the point?

    If your “Indian” daughter was being casually bed by a bevy of “white men” desirous of something more “exotic,” YOU WOULD BE “tolerant” of this scenario.

    Meaning, you would suppress a healthy mind and heart. You would mask your healthy anger and broken heart for the sake if what exactly???

    That mojo’s pronouncement does not offend you in the least is exactly the same reason you got to bed so many white females.

    Pathetic and ill-minded fathers able to suppress their natural inclinations.

    That’s you, Vince.

    You just haven’t reached that conclusion yet.

    • I see you responded before I posted my insights above. There’s a difference between protecting what’s actually “yours” and pretending like everything is yours. You want me to pretend like all Native girls are my daughters? No thanks, the one I have is enough. She’s half white by the way. I impregnated her white mother….. twice.

      • I should also add that I’m not going to support setting up some sort of totalitarian state in the name of pretending like all women who share a common ancestor with me are mine and therefore should only fuck who I want them to fuck. That seems like a pretty messed up world view. Now I may consider setting up a totalitarian state to protect my actual female descendants by duping other men to do my biding and pick the choicest alpha males from the lot to marry my daughters.

  9. Vince,

    It’s as though you had jumped back upon the fence.

    You try and provoke me while asserting I should not be provoked.

    You understand that you in no way would approve of your daughter exercising her radical sexual autonomy.

    You understand that to be “tolerant” of “white men” using your daughter for casual sex is a sign that one is ill-minded.

    So what kind of restraints do you have in mind within your little tribe?

    And why is your stunted extrapolation a sign of good will?

    • You understand that you in no way would approve of your daughter exercising her radical sexual autonomy.

      You understand that to be “tolerant” of “white men” using your daughter for casual sex is a sign that one is ill-minded.

      I don’t recall saying or thinking any of that.

      At some point my daughter will have and exercise her own free will (gasp!)

  10. Vince,

    You still don’t get it…

    Let me phrase this another way…

    If Vince were an Asian man and he came across a “white man” named Mojo who announced to the world (via the internet) that he really enjoys using Asian females for casual sex AND THIS ANNOUNCEMENT HAD YOU FEEL absolutely NOTHING…

    You WOULD NOT BE of sound mind and heart, Vince!

    You would be in a radically liberal state of mind.

    A lobotomized sheep.

    You would be “tolerant” of “white men” using Asian females as casual sex objects.

    This does not make you a good man, Vince.

    And there is no reason to believe that this ill-minded state would not also encompass your daughter(s).

    Do you get it yet?

  11. mojo,

    Do you not understand that in announcing to the globe that you enjoy using Asian females for casual sex that you have INTENTIONALLY PROVOKED the ire of countless healthy-minded Asian men WHO WERE BOUND to take offense?

    And you do this in the name of “white man?”

    Now, your pathetic retort will be that only evil and irrational Asian men would take such offense.

    This clearly demonstrates the depths of your ignorance.

    FEELING NOTHING is not a sign of health and vigor.

    But at least you did this in the context of disassociating YOURSELF from WN.

  12. To be a white nationalist you have to be good at lying to yourself. It’s a bogus identity based on biological reductionism. Where there’s an existing cultural identity under attack, nationalism makes sense. But white people have never had a homogeneous culture (I am certain, for example, that Germans are as psychologically different from English as either is from Chinese).

    Interesting how WNs try to straddle biological reductionism (which is where the rational part of their doctrine begins and ends), with a romantic identitarianism (which is where their actual politics begins).They will explain, for example, that races exist as statistical aggregates; then they will accuse people of “treason” to “their” (own) aggregate.

    I tried being a white nationalist for a while, but in the end I found that it was a continual struggle to force my experience and knowledge of the world into that narrow framework. Any honest person will come up against this, eventually. Which explains why crusted-on WNs are such maniacs.

    As an anti-authoritarian, I have a little more respect for the national anarchists. If someone wants to live in an identitarian community that’s fine by me; I just think it’s a bit like wanting to live in a vegan community, or an arsehole community.

    • To be a white nationalist you have to be good at lying to yourself. — jalnicholl

      This doesn’t even make sense.

      To be a WN, all one needs to do is believe in white man living amongst white people going about their white ways.

      Whether jalnicholl believes this or not has no bearing on the legitimacy of WN.

      Just think, you threw on the WN label right before you tossed it aside. Meaning, you are, like all radical liberals, all about social constructions.

      You wear them and then discard them if they don’t fit right.

      Some how, in your mind, this makes all who don’t discard the “white” social construction you can’t fit into, liars.

      You are really just lying to yourself.

      “White” as an identity is no less legitimate than black, homosexual, anarchist or the jihadist identity ACCORDING TO LIBERATIONIST DOCTRINE.

      WN is, in fact, desirous of “radical” liberation BUT through a process of voluntary exclusion AND NOT a tyrannical inclusion as we witness with all the OTHER radical liberationist movements.

      Meaning, no one is begging, demanding or coercing jalnicholl to join WN.

      • My point, which you apparently second, is that whiteness is elective. I’m white but not a white nationalist, there being no contradiction in this. Actually family lore indicates there may be some pacific islander/ jewish blood a few generations back. What would you do, thordaddy, if you found out you were an adopted jewbaby? or if your sister married a … you get the idea. I think you’d realise that race is not the most important thing, and that a politics that says otherwise is stupid.

  13. Its quite fascinating to see how much anti-fascist rhetoric is based on the premises of the “authoritarian personality disorder,” and argues at very a personal, almost pseudo-psychoanalytical level.

    Its as if the gist is: “hey guys! I hate WN/fascists/nationalists…….look how totally free and, like…..not sexually repressed I am.”

  14. Anarchism / Libertarianism is just a Jew scheme to destruct people. Mises, Rand, Rotharb, Goldman, its all Jewishness, un-natural, and divisive toward the one people who can resist the Juden madness. Wake up fools and fight to restore the Reich. Everything you think you know is just lies.

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