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Atheists of the World, Divide!

The atheist “movement” is basically just organized religion for atheists. As an atheist myself, I find it to be an embarrassment. The atheist organizations have always been inclined towards doctrinaire left-wing politics and it looks like they’re getting worse. Soon atheists will be another item on the laundry list of officially oppressed victim groups wallowing in self-pity: “Society discriminates against us because we don’t believe in their god…,: “My mean religious parents abused me…,” “I feel oppressed when I hear the ‘under God’ portion of the pledge of allegiance to the American flag…” Blech!

By Lasse Holmberg Josephsen

Rebecca Watson: Suffers from the delusional religious belief that men want to fuck her.It all started with an elevator ride.

You’ve probably heard about the silly incident involving annoying twat Rebecca Watson, founder of Skepchick, and how, after her delivering a speech at an atheist conference in Dublin last year, a male geek followed her into the elevator and made a clumsy attempt at picking her up, which Watson felt was rude and sexist.

Then Richard Dawkins made the mistake of trying to talk some sense. That’s when everything blew up. Dawkins and other atheists who claimed Watson was making too big a deal out of an innocent pick-up attempt were attacked by feminist atheists who branded them as chauvinists and representatives of the Patriarchy.

Richard Dawkins believes I should be a good girl and just shut up about being sexually objectified because it doesn’t bother him. Thanks, wealthy old heterosexual white man! Rebecca Watson

Yup. She’s a fucking idiot.

Since then, the whole thing has escalated, leading ironically to a schism within the atheist movement.

A wacky gorgon called Jen McCreight became fed up with what she saw as rampant sexism within the atheist community, as well as her fellow unbelievers’ lack of interest in social justice and diversity. So she started a New Wave of Atheism, a wave that isn’t just a bunch of “middle-class, white, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied men.”

According to McCreight, It’s time for a wave that cares about how religion affects everyone and that applies skepticism to everything, including social issues such as sexism, racism, politics, poverty, and crime.

This new wave now calls themselves Atheism+, or A+ .

Supporting this retarded coven of cunts is P. Z. Myers, flatulent fuckface with a hard-on for fish, and, as far as I can understand, the rest of the bloggers at person called Greta Christina drafted a sort of temporary A+ manifesto that is well worth reading, if only to understand how boring these people are.

Nelson Jones of New Statesman praises Atheism+, and writes:

Any community, new or old, has its tensions, and in the past year the atheist/sceptical community has been rocked by a divisive and increasingly bad-tempered debate over sexism and, more generally, a sense that the dominant voices have tended to be white, male and middle-class.

Nelson thinks A+ is an exciting antidote to those things, but doesn’t seem to understand that now the dominant voices will still be white and middle-class. And with silly Queer theory added to the mix.

The legacy of the Frankfurt School never ends. Whoop-de-doo!

Once again, the most idiotic part of the left has hijacked a non-political movement. As usual, it’s dull, humorless, and Marxist to the core. And these laughable dullards have actually managed to topple the whole atheist house of cards.

Religious leaders must be praising God, as well as wondering why they found atheists so scary in the first place.

It has already become a cliché to compare this whole situation to the quarrel between the resistance groups in Life of Brian, but if you’ve seen that film, it’s absolutely impossible not to think about the People’s Front of Judea Fighting Campaign for Free Galilee while the confused Romans just watch, shaking their heads in disbelief.

I don’t believe in God, and I never spend my time pondering his existence, so when asked, I usually call myself an atheist. I’ve read the writings of Dawkins, Hitchens, and some other of the more aggressive atheists of the last decade, and I’ve enjoyed most of it. But I always felt uneasy when they talked about atheism as if it was a movement.

Unlike these self-proclaimed skeptics, I’m skeptical about movements. I believe that the individual is often stronger than the collective, because a collective is usually only as strong as its weakest member.

And now, after being blinded by groupthink, the atheist movement is in turmoil.

No one should be surprised by this. Movements require conformity and a common agreement about where to go, and that’s simply not possible among a large group of people. Political parties, for example, need enforcers and spin doctors to make it appear like they are monolithic, while in reality they’re constantly quarreling among themselves.

Without stern people at the top, everyone wants to drag the movement in the direction that suits their own individual preference. Factions will emerge, fighting will erupt, and everything will go to hell.

The atheists forgot this, thinking that everything would be smooth sailing since the lack of belief in God was the only thing binding them together.

So I guess we can say goodbye to organized atheism for now. They had a fun run, but in the end they were brought down by the one thing they have in common with the believers: They’re humans, and as such they’re prone to idiocy.

Atheists of the world: Sit down, shut up, and for the love of the nonexistent God, DON’T ORGANIZE! You’ll only attract feminists.

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  1. She was hit on by someone she wasn’t interested in. What a crime! Thankfully we live in a culture where women can turn down the men they are uninterested in, and hump the ones they like. I can sympathize with her in that following her to the elevator is a creepy move. The man should have had the guts to talk to her in the bar. That really just makes him a loser, though, and there really isn’t a whole lot more to the situation than that.

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