Debate around gun rights/gun control will eventually be irrelevant

When decentralized desktop manufacturing achieves the successful and widespread production of a workable, reliable weapon then the world as we know it will be effectively over. It may be a gun. It may be a drone. It may be a cruise missile for all we know. Technology may make anarchy more than an ideological struggle; it may make anarchy a necessity for human survival. Whether you call it a resilient community, a commune, or a tribe; the future belongs to decentralized, autonomous cells capable of insulating themselves from violence through peer to peer, networked alliances.

I think that this project can be seen as an answer to what’s going on…. every dollar is a statement to these international kleptocrats that this isn’t in your control anymore. You want to announce treaties and new legal regimes announcing greater and greater stratas of gun control but listen, it’s over. You don’t understand the world you’re living in. We’re bringing something else into being.

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