Vermont man crushes seven police vehicles with family tractor


Demian Warner/Newport Daily Expr


Demian Warner/Newport Daily Expr

Roger Pion, of Newport, Vermont, drove his massive tractor over seven vehicles in the parking lot of the local Sheriff's Department Thursday afternoon, leaving them looking like they were crushed by a monster truck.

VT’s Northland Journal


(NECN: Justin Michaels) – A Vermont man is accused of single-handedly leaving a path of destruction at one police station.

He’ll be in court Friday, charged with crushing cars under a tractor.

The man is 34-year-old Roger Pion, and police say he just had a grudge against the Orleans County Vermont Sheriff’s department.

“It sounded like somebody had just made a u-turn on a driveway at first then it was too loud,” said Gilles Delabruere.

You might think this is the crushed car section of a junk yard, but, if you do, you’re wrong.

This is the sheriff’s vehicle parking lot at the Orleans County sheriff’s department in Vermont’s northeast kingdom.

Gilles Delabruere owns a car dealership next door.

He heard and saw the whole thing.

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