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Attack the System: Totalitarian Humanism and Strategies for Resistance

April 26, 2012

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Keith Preston discusses possible strategies for building resistance to the hegemony of the totalitarian Left.

Topics include:

  • The weaknesses of strategies that others have proposed, such as the Majority Strategy and third part efforts;
  • How the shrinking size of working to middle class whites makes the achievement of a demographic majority impossible;
  • Keith’s concepts of “Liberty and Populism” and “Pan-Secessionism” as grand strategies for building a long term effective resistance to the ruling class;

  • Why a national movement to boycott federal elections would have the effect of de-legitimizing the system and how developing a federation of local political organizations might be a means of bypassing the political establishment….
  • The possibility of outreach to left-wing decentralists and how local and regional secessionist movements might achieve political hegemony at the municipal, county, or state level;
  • The case for a “national divorce” between geographical regions or demographic populations with irreconcilable political and cultural differences.

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