Over the Rainbow: My Journey to South Africa

AltRight’s Andy Nowicki goes to Orania.


Over the Rainbow

As you read these words, O loyal AltRight reader, your humble correspondent dwells in a distant, exotic, and vibrant society (“vibrant” being the standard euphemism for “dangerous” these days). Yes, I find myself behind the Rainbow curtain, in the multicultural less-than paradise of South Africa, getting a fascinating sneak peek at what might just prove to be the future of the general Western world, should current political and demographic trends persist.

Three days ago, I endured a punishing 15-hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, courtesy of a generous grant from The National Policy Institute, parent company to AlternativeRight.com. Having slept off one bitch of a case of jet lag, I am now rested and ready to take in and duly record the sights, sounds, and smells of the Rainbow Nation, in all of its perilous, many-hued, divergently-complexioned glory.

Needless to say, I intend to focus most of my attention upon the most prominent of the white stripes of that Rainbow, a group often overlooked these days now that their efforts at racial social engineering—that apparatus known as Apartheid—has been dismantled. Indeed, the purpose of my visit is to speak with numerous representatives of the Afrikaner people, and to observe, in some small way, how the former head honchos of this far-flung Republic have responded to nearly two decades of living under ANC (mis)rule.

Of particular interest to me will be to spend some time in the mini-ethnostate of Orania, a burgeoning Afrikaner homeland of sorts, unassumingly nestled in the vast, desolate Western Cape—a tiny town that may yet prove to be hugely significant in years to come. Most Afrikaners, of course, don’t live in Orania, yet they all have a stake in Orania’s fate, as does the entire White West.

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The Afrikaners—descendants of the Calvinist Dutch, French, and German settlers of the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century, and the intrepid Voortrekkers of the 19th century—are in a uniquely tragic position in history. Seventeen years ago, they essentially sold their birthright, ceding political control to the Black majority in order to avoid a looming violent catastrophe. But handing over the reigns of power to the African National Congress has brought largely baleful results for all South Africans, Black and White, Boer and Brit, Zulu and Xhosa, Coloured and Indian.

Today, the Afrikaner finds himself under assault from many quarters. He dwells in a bitter human sea of violent crime, festering hate, and stinking corruption. Yet the Afrikaners are a tough, stubborn, and resourceful people. For all of the challenges they face, one gets the impression that they’ll manage to carve out a niche for themselves in the midst of this new (dis)order. If nothing else, the Afrikaner is a survivor.

It will be my thesis going forward that the Afrikaners’ uncertain present is a reflection of the White race’s likely future. Thus, their contemporary survival strategies may hold many an ace for us to keep in the dark days approaching. However one defines one’s own dissident Rightist perspective, be it racial, spiritual, civilizational, or some combination of the three, it behooves readers of this site to consider the case of this singular people—this White tribe of Africa—as they labor to make the difficult but necessary trek towards self-determination.

It is my pleasure and my privilege to be here, thousands of miles from my home, spending a fortnight among the Afrikaners in order to collect material for a journalistic piece I intend to write for Richard Spencer’s and Alex Kurtagic’s new journal Radix. From what Richard tells me, Radix looks to be an ambitious, intellectually stimulating, hard-hitting and provocative undertaking. Like Alternative Right, it will dare to tackle subjects that, while still almost never mentioned in “acceptable” discourse or among “polite” society, are nevertheless increasingly difficult to ignore, given the political trajectory of our age, and the bitter fruit which continues to be born from our culture’s foolish embrace of illogical and insane ideologies.

If you, dear reader, could spare a buck or two (or more!) to keep this defiant, deeply necessary enterprise afloat—indeed, to expand our theater of operations to new projects similar to the one upon which I have embarked here—your generosity will be greatly rewarded.

Thanks for affording me this opportunity, and please keep me in your prayers!

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