At the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum

By Richard Spencer.


The Terror War years of 2003-2007 feel like ages ago now…though I fondly remember rooting on Jon Stewart as he launched into devestating send-ups of the Republicans and neocons. (That the Bushians and neocons were lunatics (or worse) was, of course, one of the few things that Stewart and I agreed on.)

I was reminded of this time watching Stewart’s latest take on the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum. Whatever else he might be, Jon Stewart is brave. He makes criticizng Israel, Zionism, and American foreign policy funny and cool, and it’s hard to imagine that won’t have consequences.

At the Republican Jewish Coalition forum, Jews commemorate the miracle of incredibly religious Christian presidential candidates fighting over who loves Jews more.

Note that in the video (which is embedded in the Audio/Video tab), Rick Perry brags about increasing aid to Israel, despite the fact that a month ago he was claiming that in his administration, the foreign-aid budgets to all nations would start at zero.

Also, could you imagine sitting through seven three-hour debates between Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama!? Insomnia has been cured!

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