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11/14/23: Israel Claims Total Gaza Control, Biden And Xi Meet, Newsom Cleans Up SF For China Visit, LA Highway Up In Flames, Tucker Joins Spanish Protests, And SCOTUS Creates Fake Ethics Code

Saagar and Ryan discuss Israel cracking down on internal dissent and claiming total control of Gaza, Biden and Xi hold key meeting, Newsom admits to cleaning up SF for China visit, traffic nightmare after LA highway fire, backlash in Oregon over drug decriminalization, SCOTUS unveils fake ethics code, Biden aides admit no capacity to be President, and Tucker joins rightwing protests in Spain.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:57)Israel DECLARES TOTAL CONTROL Of Gaza (20:50)Bibi CRACKSDOWN On Dissent As He DODGES Accountability (35:36)BIDEN-XI Meeting For Global Showdown (47:56)Newsom ADMITS Only Cleaning Up SF For China Visit (55:34)TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE: LA I-10 SHUTDOWN From Fire (1:02:03)MASSIVE Oregon Backlash To Decriminalizing Hard Drugs (1:16:10)SCOTUS Unveils FAKE Ethics Code After Scandals (1:24:40)Biden Aides: NO CAPACITY To Be President (1:35:07)Tucker JOINS Spanish REVOLT Over Socialist Takeover (1:47:32)End Of Show

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