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Defend America Second! Zio-Con Infiltration Still Runs Deep on the Right

By Jose Nino

Next month marks 16 years since the Ron Paul Revolution raised over $6 million within 24 hours, a record for its time. We just passed seven years since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

So, what’s the outlook for the America First agenda today?

LISTEN: First episode of the America Second podcast

There are both positive and negative developments out there, to be sure. My co-host, Henry Szamota (of the Bro History Podcast), and I kicked off the inaugural episode of America Second diving deep into the question of why the populist right remains fanatically devoted to Israel.

Szamota and I break down how the GOP’s strategy to attract the working class also costs the typical up-and-coming right-winger some huge, missed opportunities.

Just as the Paulian Old Right libertarian movement was re-engineered into a cucked Tea Party movement, the same has already happened in major ways to the Make America Great Again movement.

The establishment GOP’s goal now seems to become more dependent on the Israel lobby than ever before. Is this sustainable?

Zionist tactics, from the world stage down to the conservative movement on college campuses, continue to set thin parameters for approved political thought.

Also on this first episode of America Second, we discuss the prospects of a counter-elite as well as whether Congressman Matt Gaetz shot himself in the foot before his run to be Florida’s next governor.

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