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10/30/23: Bibi Calls For Biblical Wipeout In Gaza, Erdogan Threatens War, Russian Mob Hunts Jews, Israel Losing TikTok War, New Speaker Flip Flops, Pence Drops Out, New Dem Primaries Biden, UAW Wins, Televangelists Push Holy War

Krystal and Saagar discuss Netanyahu declaring a Biblical Wipeout of the Gaza strip as the invasion and death toll mounts, Erdogan holds a rally in Turkey threatening War with Israel, a Russian mob swarms an airport hunting for Jews, Israel loses the information war on Tik Tok, New Speaker Mike Johnson flip flops on Ukraine, Mike Pence drops out of 2024 race, Democrat Dean Phillips challenges Biden in the primary, the Big 3 cave to UAW’s strike demands, and we’re joined by journalist Lee Fang to talk about his reporting on Christian Televangelists pushing for a Holy War alliance with Israel.

(00:00)Intro (1:46)Bibi Declares Biblical War (23:03)Erdogan Threatens War with Israel (36:45)Russian Mob SWARMS Airport Hunting Jews (49:59)Israel Loses TikTok Information War (1:00:24)New Speaker FLIP FLOPS On Ukraine In Neocon Interview (1:06:03)Mike Pence DROPS OUT In Final Humiliation (1:14:11)New Dem JUMPS IN To Primary Biden (1:21:36)BIG 3 CAVE To UAW Demands (1:28:02)Televangelists Push HOLY WAR For Israel (1:45:36) EoS

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