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Texas Schools ‘Some of the Worst in the Country’ in Teaching Critical Race Theory, Watchdog Says

October 21 2023
Texas Schools 'Some of the Worst in the Country' in Teaching Critical Race Theory, Watchdog Says
By Tony Kinnett
Public schools in Texas continue to teach racially discriminatory content to children in violation of state law and without parents knowing, Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette alleges.
Professor Threatens Children of Pro-Israel Journalists With Violence
By Jarrett Stepman
Jemma Decristo, a transgender professor of African-American studies at the University of California at Davis, advocates violent attacks on neighbors.
Does Iran Realize Its Own Growing Danger?
By Victor Davis Hanson
A delusional Iran isn’t fully aware how its loud bragging about, and support for, its client Hamas’ barbaric killing of Jewish civilians put it into a dangerous predicament.
Ted Cruz Exposes Anti-Israel Elements in Biden’s State Department
By Sara Garstka
“Passionate opponents of Israel” infiltrate President Biden’s administration, despite the veteran Democrat’s clear rhetoric in support of the Jewish state, Sen. Ted Cruz warns.
The Gaza Blood Libel and Netanyahu’s Test To Come
By Josh Hammer
Every Jewish death must be scrutinized, but every claim of Arab death put forth by terrorist-run “health ministries” must be accepted immediately as undisputed truth. Curious, that.
Daily Wire Slams Disney in Launch of Bentkey Platform for Kids
By Sara Garstka
“Disney, the most powerful entertainment company in the world, got caught saying the quiet part out loud,” says Jeremy Boering, The Daily Wire’s co-CEO. Here’s what he’s doing about it.
The BorderLine: No, President Biden, Walls Do Work. We Just Saw One More Reason We Need One.
By Simon Hankinson
Amid Hamas’ incursion into Israel, a video stands out: Hamas terrorists using bulldozers to take down Israeli fencing. The barrier ultimately gives, but it slows the terrorists’ advance.
State Department Insists Israel Allow Humanitarian Aid for Gaza, but Admits Hamas Could Steal It
By Harold Hutchison
A State Department spokesman admits that Hamas could steal humanitarian aid sent to the Gaza Strip, but still demands Israel allow the aid to go in.
As Republicans Vote Out Jim Jordan, Kevin Hern Announces Bid for Speakership
By Mary Margaret Olohan
During a secret ballot on Friday, House Republicans vote to remove Jim Jordan as the nominee for speaker of the House of Representatives.
Photo From Anti-Israel Protest That Took Over House Office Building Suggests SPLC May Have Helped Organize It
By Tyler O’Neil
Is the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center moving from ideological enforcer to mobilizing boots on the ground?

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