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Let’s Focus On Home, Not Faraway Fights

By Jose Nino Oct 12, 2023



On the chilly morning of October 7, 2023, the world’s eyes veered towards Israel as a ferocious attack unfolded. The group known as Hamas launched a bold assault they named Operation al-Aqsa Storm. This incident has spurred a myriad of discussions across the globe, including within the corridors of American politics. Some voices resonate with the idea of US intervention.

Yet, this isn’t the first time such calls have echoed. Recall the recent turbulence in Ukraine where the United States extended financial aid. Those funds, one could argue, could have been channeled to alleviate domestic challenges such as securing the southern border with Mexico.

Now, with the Israel-Hamas skirmish, a narrative is being molded, attempting to position this as a proxy skirmish between the US and Iran, given Iran’s financial backing of Hamas. This narrative nudges us towards the precipice of diving into another overseas entanglement, with potentially hefty financial and political price tags.

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Conservatism often harbors the principle of domestic prioritization. Our nation grapples with pressing issues that beckon for attention. Our working class, our families, our infrastructural needs – they all send out a clarion call for focus and resources. The assets, both monetary and strategic, that are now being earmarked for foreign intervention could be the catalyst for domestic rejuvenation.

While the gaze of some politicians drifts towards the Middle East, issues at our southern frontier with Mexico simmer, and the tendrils of Chinese influence wind through South America. Our foreign policy, it seems, is getting entangled in faraway dramas, while overlooking the gnawing issues at home.

It’s a juncture for reflection. Before embarking on overseas ventures, a thorough examination of our domestic landscape is imperative. From revitalizing industrial hubs to bolstering educational infrastructure, the spectrum of domestic needs is vast.

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Let’s not be ensnared by the allure of international theatrics. The discourse around the Israel-Hamas conflict should not eclipse the dialogue on domestic betterment. Our southern border, our economic vitality, and the living standards of our citizens beckon for attention.

The narrative of foreign intervention is not devoid of merit, but the timing and the priority require a thorough scrutiny. As the tales of Middle Eastern strife reverberate, let’s not allow the chronicles of our domestic toil to fade into a whisper. Our focus should pivot towards fortifying our homeland, ensuring a robust economy, and fostering a nurturing environment for our citizenry.

This isn’t a cowardly retreat, but a call for a balanced, introspective approach towards our national agenda, placing the well-being of Americans at the heart of policy deliberations.

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