Ukraine War: Russia Targets Grain and Power Grid

by Peter Zeihan on September 29, 2023

If you’ve been around since July, you might remember me talking about Russia targeting Ukrainian agriculture instead of the power grid. If you want a little refresher, just click here:

READ “The End of Ukrainian Agriculture” HERE

As of September, Putin has sufficiently disrupted Ukraine’s grain exports and overall agricultural sector. Meanwhile, the Russians were bolstering their wheat exports, so global supply has held steady, and prices are still down.

Don’t rely on this Russian grain, though, because new sea conflicts, impacts on shipping routes and an unpredictable climate could change everything at the drop of a hat. The best course of action would be to help Ukraine develop better rail infrastructure and grain transport options.

As the temps begin to shift, we will see the Russians change up their strategy once again. They will transition from attacking Ukrainian agricultural infrastructure back to targeting the power grid…but just because the Russian’s focus has shifted, doesn’t mean grain markets will be stable.

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Ukraine War: Russia Targets Grain and Power Grid || Peter Zeihan

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