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Krystal and Kyle Break Down WORST Debate Ever

Episode 143

Sep 28, 2023

A day earlier than usual, we’re bringing you our exclusive coverage of last night’s Republican presidential debate. From the fiery exchanges between GOP nominee hopefuls to new insights into where the party’s moving on key policies, we’ve broken it all down for you in this episode of KK&F. Watch below:

While Trump skipped the debate (and the UAW picket line, unlike his Democratic rival, Biden) for a rally at a non-union auto plant in Detroit, seven competitors for the Republican presidential nomination took the debate stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library last night to try to challenge Trump’s lead and stand out among the pack. Who succeeded? Who fell short? In our discussion, we take a close-up look at the biggest moments of the night, including back-and-forths on foreign policy, zingers from Nikki Haley, and the final winners and losers at the end of the night. We hope you enjoy the deep dive!

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