You Need to Update Your Browser, Like, Yesterday

You Need to Update Your Browser, Like, Yesterday


Andrew Couts


Plus: Spyware-packing ads, TikTok GDPR violations, Elon Musk investigations, and more.


X Challenger Pebble Thinks AI-Generated Posts Can Help Lure Users Away From Elon Musk


Paresh Dave


To encourage conversation, Twitter-like platform Pebble—formerly T2—now suggests AI-generated updates for users to edit or post. It’s also opening sign-ups to anyone with an account on X.


The Fall of Babylon Is a Warning for AI Unicorns


Grace Browne


When it went public in 2021, Babylon Health was valued at over $4 billion. Now it has declared bankruptcy. Insiders say it could never live up to its hype.


TikTok Shop Has a Snail Slime Problem


Amanda Hoover


TikTok Shop, which launched in the US last week, is littered with impossibly cheap—and fake—products. Snail slime is just the beginning.


Crispr Pioneer Jennifer Doudna Has the Guts to Take On the Microbiome


Jennifer Kahn


The world-famous biochemist is ready to tackle everything from immune disorders and mental illness to climate change—all by altering microbes in the digestive tract.


The Biggest Revelations From the Microsoft Xbox Leaks


Megan Farokhmanesh


Microsoft has traditionally been very tight-lipped about its Xbox and gaming plans. A new leak just opened the floodgates.





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