People are cracking up at hidden notes a couple left for future homeowners in their bathroom


People are cracking up at hidden notes a couple left for future homeowners in their bathroom

As anyone who has dipped their toe into home improvement waters knows, home remodeling is a mix of excitement and headaches. It’s fun to freshen things up and make your own mark on your home, but when you’re tearing out the old, you never know what you’re going to find. Something toxic like asbestos or mold? Something cool like money or a box of treasures?

How about a photo of previous homeowners introducing themselves and ribbing you for undoing all their hard work?

That’s what one home remodeler found when they started remodeling their bathroom, and the notes the former owners left for them are leaving people in stitches.

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Woman shares eight ‘unspoken rules’ of marriage that have made her 13-year-long relationship work

Every relationship is different. The circumstances are varied, people in it are unique, and therefore, one rulebook might not cut it for everyone. But, people might find themselves stuck in their relationship at a point where they want to make it work but don’t know how.

They might not understand what exactly they are doing wrong and what areas need improvement if they want their relationship to survive. If you want some guidance about how to navigate the rough spots, then Courtney—who goes by the username @wellwithcourtney on TikTok—has some helpful tips for you. Courtney shares with people things she and her partner have done in their more than a decade-long relationship, which has given them a healthy and stable foundation.

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‘Batman’ expert has the perfect explanation for saying ‘gay’ at a Georgia school assembly

Author and comic book expert Marc Tyler Nobleman recently found himself at the center of the “Don’t Say Gay” controversy, and his simple rationale for using the word “gay” in his school presentations presents an age-appropriate and inclusive way to approach at the issue.

Nobleman has spoken in schools in “about 30 states and almost 20 countries” to inspire children to write and do research. He’s the author of the book “Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-creator of Batman” about the fabled superhero’s unsung co-creator.

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Dad-to-be straps watermelon to his belly to experience what his pregnant wife goes through

TikTok’s watermelon challenge is a simple concept, where dads-to-be strap watermelons, weighing somewhere around 14 pounds, onto their bellies in order to simulate what it’s like for pregnant moms. Bonus point for taping mangos onto the chest because #lactation.

The results are both hilarious and illuminating.

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Video of sisters trying to fix a DIY haircut perfectly captures the chaos of sisterhood

Sure, sisters can turn from friends to enemies on a dime, but in those purer moments, you’ll see them stop at nothing to help one another.

And it’s all these aspects, and everywhere in between, that were captured in a hilarious TikTok as three sisters banded together to fix a DIY haircut gone wrong…the day before school picture day, no less.

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