Their fantasy, our nightmare

By Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

Ukraine’s offensive is getting nowhere and when a compromise is eventually reached Zelensky will be in deep trouble, argues Daniel Lazare

Nato is on a collision course with reality – the rhetoric at last week’s summit meeting soared ever higher, even as the situation on the ground turned increasingly grim.

In Vilnius, the talk was about turning the Baltic into a Nato lake and extending the alliance’s reach all the way to the western Pacific. A Nato communiqué declared:

We are boosting our shared awareness, enhancing our resilience and preparedness, and protecting against the [People’s Republic of China’s] coercive tactics and efforts to divide the alliance. We will stand up for our shared values and the rules-based international order, including freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.1

That is, 5,000 miles away. Closer at hand, the story was different, as the Ukraine’s much-ballyhooed summer offensive ground to a halt in the face of Russian drones, artillery and minefields – so densely sown that seemingly every square foot is alive with explosives. Reports from the front were bleak. Eric Schmidt, long-term head of Google and now chairman of a hi-tech Pentagon advisory board, said after a tour:


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