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Brain Drain and Capital Issues Plague India’s Tech Industry

by Peter Zeihan on July 21, 2023

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With semiconductors top of mind for everyone, let’s dive into India’s tech industry and see if they can cement their place as a tech powerhouse. Despite government incentives for tech investment, big players like Foxconn are still pulling out of multi-billion dollar plans.

This isn’t a corruption or infrastructure problem. It’s just a case of brain drain – meaning the Indians in this talent pool pursue (more lucrative) opportunities outside of India once they’ve reached a certain skill level. Without a talent pool to choose from, everything else falls apart.

The second problem for the Indian tech space is capital. If you want to build a semiconductor fabrication plant, you better have some deep, deep pockets. Despite India’s size, its pockets just aren’t deep enough to be a world leader in tech.

Does that mean it’s all downhill for India? Absolutely not. The Indians have proven their dominance in several areas, and the collapse of the global order won’t impact them like most countries. India’s future is golden, and they will be a major world player…but their tech industry isn’t going to be why.

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Should You Bet on India's Tech Industry? || Peter Zeihan

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