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Activists Tried To Get This Researcher Banned – Michael Bailey

J. Michael Bailey is a Northwestern University professor of psychology, researcher, and an author known for his work on sexual orientation and human sexuality. Scientific research has had public scrutiny for a long time. But Michael’s most recent study was placed under so much pressure from upset dissidents that the journal formally retracted it. Today we get to find out just why human sexuality is such a dangerous topic to look into. Expect to learn what it’s like to be in the middle of a global cancellation furore, what exactly the concept of gynandromorphophilia is, how malleable your sexual orientation actually is, whether lesbians are more likely to become straight again, if bisexuality actually exists, how accurate our gaydars and much more…

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00:00 What Happened to Michael’s Recent Article? 04:29 The Topic that Got Michael’s Article Cancelled 12:49 Why Transgenderism Has Increased 21:20 Is Gender Dysphoria Linked with Autism? 25:17 Solutions Following Michael’s Research 31:00 Sexual Orientations of Trans People 41:50 Is Being Sexually Attracted to She-Males Common? 47:14 Are Women Aroused by Straight, Gay & Lesbian Porn? 54:07 Why More Men Experience Strange Sexual Interests 1:00:48 Environmental Impacts on Sexuality 1:10:28 How We Have Become Better at Identifying Gay People 1:14:47 The Malleability of Male Mate Value 1:20:29 Where to Find Michael

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