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A.I. took center stage at Brainstorm Tech

July 15, 2023


Earlier this week, Fortune held its 22nd annual Brainstorm Tech conference in Park City, Utah.


Speakers ranged from former Vice President Al Gore to athletes Lindsey Vonn and Andre Iguodala to infamous WeWork founder Adam Neumann.


I led discussions with three leaders across varying sectors: Vishal Shah, Meta’s VP of Metaverse; Arati Prabhakar, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; and Bryan Johnson, the Braintree founder who is seeking eternal youth.


A.I. infiltrated each discussion. For Shah, A.I. is foundational to his work on the metaverse—he can’t build it or lure creators onto the platform without continued advancements there.


Johnson feels we are on the cusp of “superhuman intelligence” thanks to A.I. He predicts it will enable us to create genius-level inventions much more frequently than we have in the past.


Prabhakar is focused on mitigating the risks of A.I. by creating future-proof guidelines and values. She also said it’s a “global race to get A.I. right,” and that multinational agreements with like-minded nations are critical.


“When you have this kind of powerful capability, every nation, every company, everyone on the planet is trying to use A.I. to create a future that reflects their values,” she said. A.I. regulation that is well-designed is “sort of like having brakes on a car…[it] actually lets you go faster, once you know that you’re in control.”


For more takeaways from Brainstorm Tech his week, you can watch clips from the conference here or read more below.

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