Program for Anarchy 2023

International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering
July 19-23
St-Imier, Switzerland

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first anti-authoritarian international, international meetings are being prepared in the Swiss Jura mountains. They will take place from July 19 to 23, 2023 – with an extension of a few days to allow time and space for spontaneous meetings. We are making this appeal to clarify the role of these meetings, that is to say our concrete motivations, as well as the way we wish to organize them.

In a world that seems to be increasingly neutralizing radical protest – between repression, recuperation and control – it seems necessary to meet physically, as anarchists. In order to reflect collectively on the issues that matter to us, and in particular on the political and social evolutions of the last few years, and to continue to deepen the critiques that emancipate us. In order to learn more about the concrete struggles that are taking place everywhere, told by those who lead them. To form new hopes for the future. To build strong links between different anti-authoritarian groups and individuals, to strengthen solidarity between struggles across borders. And to make new people want to join them.

Indeed, we want above all to talk about living struggles. It is not a question of commemorating a historical event, which would be meaningless if it were not linked to the daily lives of living people, to a real combative tension against the state and other forms of domination.

These meetings will therefore be an opportunity to share experiences, discuss strategy, and make your local struggles known. Whether they are feminist, environmentalist, anti-tech, anti-carceral, anti-border, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-militarist… What brings us together is the anti-authoritarian vision.

These meetings will be what you make of them. The activities are organized in a horizontal and decentralized way. In particular thanks to a large information board, which can be filled in by hand, on the spot, and also thanks to a participative online tool that you will find under Just add your proposal for an activity to the agenda now. The agenda will still be editable during the meetings. A large building will be dedicated to spontaneous activities, it will be self-managed.

During these four days, you will find meetings for groups sharing the same priorities (feminism, autonomous health, for example), practical workshops, discussions, and numerous and varied presentations. As you can see, there will be no official conferences, i.e. organized by the organizing committee. There will also be groups offering film screenings, a book fair and an anarchist radio. For the children, we point out that a mixed group will provide a nursery every day. Another group will provide a camping area with a separate space for women, transgender & non-binary people. Other groups will organize exhibitions, concerts, dances, etc. By the way: we will need many volunteers on site, you can sign up in advance or when you arrive!

More info on (the website is updated regularly).

Finally: we are aware that the organization of such an international event, in Switzerland, in the most expensive country on the planet, entails financial difficulties and difficulties with obtaining visas. To facilitate access, we will set up a carpooling platform. Most of the event will be either free of charge or “pay-what-you-can”, whether it is the camping, the meals organized by international cooking groups or the concerts. And don’t hesitate to contact us by mail at if you have any difficulties to get a visa.

Long live anarchy and see you soon!

List of pulishers that have tables reserved so far:

CIRA Lausanne
Nada editions
Le monde à l’envers
Projet Evasion
Revue Réfractions
Groupe Kropotkine (pour les Éditions du Monde Libertaire et les Éditions Libertaires)
Mü et potes – contenu antispéciste
Editions du sextant
FAU Suisse / Offensice contre les féminicides
Editions rue des cascades
Revue Nunatak
Utta minervois + librairie nomade
Biblio la Molène
Librairie la Gryffe
Editions Diomedea
Quelili Collective
Detritus Books (anglais / espagnol)
SAC-Syndikalisterna AVEC PM Press
CrimethInc. (US)
Radical grafitti
anarchist bookfair Amsterdam (ABFA) (anglais + neerlandais ?)
Befreiung vom Geld und Eigentum
Edition AV / – Edition Nautilus /- Assoziation A (falls Sie nicht selber kommen) / – Trotzdem Verlag /- Alive Verlage
Mandelbaum verlag, Wien
Scrappy Capy Distro (small zine distro from Berlin)
das Institut für Syndikalismusforschung (Bremen)
archivo digital de las amigas de Sophia Perovskaya y Dmitry Karakasof + editions Konterband
un groupe d’Uruguay
Rojinegro – Rebellion (Colombie)
Diogenes magazine
Etude Bibliographe Aurora de Reggio Emilia
Elèuthera editrice and Centro studi libertari/ Archivio G. Pinelli (CSL, Milano)
Nieczytelne (Illegibles)
The Anarchist Communist Group (UK)

Detailed descriptions of each individual workshop can be found here:
For full schedule of film screenings, concerts, and theater/performance, see the website.

July 18, 2023

9:00 AM Lützispace

July 19, 2023

9:00 AM Open Mic – opening session

9:00 AM Stretching in the mornings

11:00 AM Zine workshop

11:00 AM Systemic playing towards anarchy

11:00 AM Jewish influences on Anarchism. Today and in the past!

11:00 AM Relationship Anarchy

11:00 AM Es tiempo de unir las luchas para el cambio (EN/ES)

11:00 AM Schnupper-Klettern // Try out action climbing

11:00 AM A new collective way of organizing our lives and economy

11:00 AM Résolutions: Présentation et discussion des plate-formes: Beyond Anarchy 2023 (Français)

11:00 AM Authentic Relating Games

11:00 AM Covid-19 Vaccination pressure

1:00 PM Because The Night Belongs To Us

2:00 PM Reclaim Emotions!

2:00 PM The ZAD 5 years after the ‘victory’, told by those who refused to bow to the state.

2:00 PM Workshop/ Conversation about experiences zapatist territories

2:00 PM Counterespionage and Security Culture: How can anarchists deal with mass surveillance?

2:00 PM Organizing as and with victims of states’ violence – the french example

2:00 PM Game Play as Extinction Solution

2:00 PM Open minded = libertarian?

2:00 PM Que faire face à l’instrumentalisation de l’OMS ?

3:00 PM Rhythms of Resistance introduction workshop & open rehearsal

4:00 PM Buchpräsentation “Wie alles zusammenbrechen kann. Handbuch der Kollapsologie”

4:00 PM Power structures power Structures

4:00 PM Megaprojects in Mexico and capitalist strategies of expropriation: “Defensa de la Tierra y del Territorio – experiencias de la complicidad internacional”

4:00 PM Permaculture or industrial progress

4:00 PM Kropotkine, un regard féminin

4:00 PM Autodéfense féministe(for TINFLA)

4:00 PM Resoluciones: presentación y debate de propuestas – Beyond Anarchy 2023 (Español)

4:00 PM Videoaktivismus – gestern, heute, morgen

4:00 PM ARBEIT(S)LOS – Versorgen statt Erwerben

5:00 PM Singing IWW-Songs

5:00 PM A new collective way of organizing our lives and economy

6:00 PM Almost 4 years after the revolt in Chile, an insurrectional anarchist perspective of what happened.

6:00 PM From Struggle to Intensity: direct social action and art

6:00 PM Abolsih Frontex

7:00 PM The Post Office Distro (postleft/anarchonihilist)

7:00 PM Ni compositeur – ni directrice

8:00 PM Celebrating Failure Workshop

8:00 PM agro-labs

8:00 PM Project presentation: The necessity of psychoemotional self defense: confronting internalized domination and submission

8:00 PM The First Step: Decentralize Power

8:00 PM UnGAFAMize one’s tools. Dégafamiser ses pratiques numériques

8:00 PM Bristol ABC – Anti repression organising in the UK

July 20, 2023

9:00 AM Is India still a democracy: India under Modi and an introduction to the Indian Fascist Movement

9:00 AM Zine workshop

9:00 AM Rewriting and Singing Protest Songs / Goguette spéciale chants de lutte

9:00 AM Ecology, society and appropriation of science

9:00 AM Wild practices

9:00 AM Wo stehen wir 2043? Gibt es noch eine Ethik, Menschlickkeit und anarchistische Utopien?

9:00 AM Critical Masculinities/ kritische Männlichkeiten Workshop

9:00 AM Sexologie et éducation

9:00 AM Befreiung vom Geld und Eigentum …

9:00 AM Resistência anti-imperialista em países em desenvolvimento – cultura, política e convivência /// Kontraŭimperiisma rezisto en evolulandoj – kulturo, politiko kaj kunvivado /// Résistance anti-impérialiste dans les pays en développement – culture, politique et coexistence /// Resistencia antiimperialista en países en desarrollo – cultura, política y convivência /// Anti-imperialist resistance in developing countries – culture, politics and coexistence

9:00 AM Resolutions: presentation and discussion of proposals – Beyond Anarchy 2023 (English)

9:00 AM Stretching in the mornings

10:00 AM Quelles alternatives au capitalisme?

10:00 AM Fabrication de Papier / Paper making

11:00 AM Non Violent Communication Workshop

11:00 AM Rage Against the Machine or: There is no Anarchy in Cybernetics

11:00 AM Frontline Anarchy

11:00 AM CollectiveZine on ho to survive Life in capitalist ruins

11:00 AM Repressions against anarchists in Belarus and movement in exile

11:00 AM Counter-mapping through Participatory Geographic Information System – Contre-cartographie à travers la cartographie participative

11:00 AM Stratégies Féministes

1:00 PM Contre le Nucléaire et son Monde

1:00 PM Open Mic sessions

2:00 PM Playfight

2:00 PM Queer anarchist community

2:00 PM Countering the anarchy of US foreign policy

2:00 PM Anarchism and the struggle for marginalised language rights

2:00 PM Antimilitarisme – antimilitarism

2:00 PM Anti-authoritarian perspectives on the war in ukraine

2:00 PM understanding anarchy as queer

2:00 PM (How) could we win? Strategies for contemporary anarchism

2:00 PM Working together with authoritarian marxist groups

3:00 PM Quelili – Sailing for climate justice and decolonialisation between Abya Yala and Europe

3:00 PM Rhythms of Resistance introduction workshop & open rehearsal

4:00 PM Hitchhiking as a political practice

4:00 PM Shame and power

4:00 PM Les animaux détestent le nucléaire (et vice versa)

4:00 PM Meeting of Russian speaking anarchists in exile

4:00 PM Supporting anarchist and anti-war prisoners in Russia

4:00 PM anarchistische hacker

4:00 PM Video und Vortrag zu den Libertären Tagen 1993 in Frankfurt/Main

4:00 PM The rise of ableism and eugenics after the pandemic

4:00 PM Risoluzioni: presentazione e discussione delle proposte – Beyond Anarchy 2023 (Italiano)

5:00 PM Singing IWW-Songs

6:00 PM Black Anarchism /anarchism and Black Revolution

6:00 PM “Gewaltfreie Kommunikation” und “Herrschaftsfreie Haltung”

7:00 PM Ni compositeur – ni directrice

8:00 PM Estadillo social Colombiano – practicas libertarias y autonomas

8:00 PM Let’s stick together – activism in the field of homelessness

8:00 PM „Die zweite Chance“ – „Holy Shit“ – Lesung + Gespräch

July 21, 2023

9:00 AM Écologie sociale et communalisme

9:00 AM Dealing with Informal power & hierarchies in groups

9:00 AM Wild practices

9:00 AM Zine workshop

9:00 AM [FLINTA only] Rewriting Protest Songs / Goguette antipatriarcale spéciale chants de lutte en mixité choisie

9:00 AM DIY save abortion

9:00 AM La Gueule est ouverte, ou les 50 ans de l’écologie

9:00 AM Giving birth freely, uteruses, bodies, and their wonders, freed children, orgasmic birth, homebirth/unassisted birth

9:00 AM Réunion d’information sur l’Iran

9:00 AM Stretching in the mornings

10:00 AM Aviezer Tucker: Anarchy & Panarchy: a presentation + discussion (in English)

10:00 AM Die Situation des heutigen Anarchismus

10:00 AM What technical infrastructures do we need?

11:00 AM Nestle in Mexico

11:00 AM Women in Exile

11:00 AM Der aktuelle Aufstand im Iran, eine Historische Analyse

11:00 AM Natural Law

11:00 AM The role of anarchist radio and media in present and future (organized by the Anarchist Radio Network)

11:00 AM Neue Berufsbildung denken und Perspektiven entwickeln

11:00 AM Freedom of Recreation: A Call for Psychedelic Liberty

11:00 AM Alimentacion Consciente

11:00 AM Workshop/exchange/discussion on the practice of improvised music as a practice of anarchism

11:00 AM L’anarchisme à la lumière du Flower Power

12:00 PM Atelier d’impression d’affiches DIY

1:00 PM Canções Libertárias de Avelino el Bello

1:00 PM Open Mic sessions

1:12 PM Sharing knots // compartir nudos // Knoten teilen

2:00 PM Géographie et anarchisme

2:00 PM La pédagogie sociale comme outil d’émancipation

2:00 PM Anarchists in urban struggles

2:00 PM Anti-authoritarian Money

2:00 PM Debt for Climate

2:00 PM Graphicbased Storytelling for inspiring grassroots Résistance: “The True Cost of Coal” and “Rooted in Resistanve” Graphic Campaigns

2:00 PM Antimilitarisme – antimilitarism

2:00 PM Transphobia to fascism: how to combat the pipeline

2:00 PM Anarchism in Brazil today: antifascism and direct action

2:00 PM The congress of Saint Imier 1872 and the beginning of the global anarchist mouvement

3:00 PM Mobilizon – Dezentral Event Calendar (GER/ENG)

3:00 PM Rhythms of Resistance introduction workshop & open rehearsal

3:00 PM Rollfender Widerstand – direkte Aktionen gegen Barrieren und Ableismus

3:00 PM Atelier d’écriture créative/creative writing workshop

4:00 PM Journal Presentation: Antipolitika, the anarchist journal of the Balkans

4:00 PM Anarchist struggle at the work place – an international exchange

4:00 PM Playfight

4:00 PM Anarchists at war. Ukraine and beyond

4:00 PM Espace de discussion: la place des petites et jeunes personnes dans nos luttes et nos espaces militants

4:00 PM Die Sea Punks; Zivile Seenotrettung auf dem Mittelmeer

5:00 PM Mutual aid

5:00 PM Thomas Greco:The tyranny of the global money system and how we can free ourselves from it + discussion (in English)

5:00 PM Singing IWW-Songs

5:00 PM anarchist federation of Iran & Afghanistan

6:00 PM POUSSEZ-VOUS, ou comment rendre nos espaces militants plus proactivement inclusifs

6:00 PM Transformative Justice // Transformative Gerechtigkeit

6:00 PM Fascisme et antifascisme anarchiste – Fascism and anarchist antifascism

6:00 PM Présentation Histoire du sabotage

6:00 PM “Gewaltfreie Kommunikation” und “Herrschaftsfreie Haltung”

7:00 PM Ni compositeur – ni directrice

8:00 PM Common challenges – federating around problems and solutions

8:00 PM Adbusting with police and military

8:00 PM Brassens anarchiste

July 22, 2023

9:00 AM wheelchairs in (anarchist) activism

9:00 AM Wild practices

9:00 AM Zine workshop

9:00 AM Animal liberation & Anarchism : The Strategy of 269 Libération Animale

9:00 AM with grassroots to FoodForests

9:00 AM Matthew Skjonsberg: Living cities and civics (Presentation in English + discussion in various languages)

9:00 AM Jules andrieu, proudhonien et pédagogue libertaire

9:00 AM Panorama, analysis and perspectives of the anarchist movement in Peru.

9:00 AM Stretching in the mornings

11:00 AM Kurdische Frauenbewegung – La révolution du Rojava

11:00 AM Revolutionary Animism

11:00 AM Inner Activist Work

11:00 AM Anarchafeminist perspectives on women’s liberation in the kurdish movement

11:00 AM Diógenes: Una propuesta Colombiana de prensa Libertaria

11:00 AM Repression against anarchists in Italy and uprisings in the prisons

11:00 AM Make Punk Not War – Eine PunkRock-Lyrik-Lesung

11:00 AM U$A 2020: the George Floyd Revolts

11:00 AM The Life and Work of Gustav Landauer

12:00 PM Anarchistic Yodeling – “Esels Alptraum”

12:00 PM Herrschaftsmechanismen im Alltag

12:00 PM Atelier d’impression d’affiches DIY

1:00 PM Open Mic sessions

1:30 PM Organizing Tools -how to organize / wie organisiere ich mich?

2:00 PM Sudan & Iran – Building Power from Below

2:00 PM Transformative Mental Health (eng or ger)

2:00 PM Vorstellung des Durruti-Band von Abel Paz

2:00 PM queer anarchism – [architecture / language / body]

2:00 PM Digitale Selbstverteidigung / Digital Self Defense (DE/EN)

2:00 PM Espace de discussion: La Domination Adulte

2:00 PM Antimilitarisme – antimilitarism

2:00 PM Experiences/Experiências/Erfahrungen from/do/aus Brasil(ien): The struggle for territory at the peripheries – Luta por território nas periferias – Kampf um Territorien an den Periferien

2:00 PM Anarchist History and Historiography

2:00 PM Partage d’expérience autour des parentalités anarchistes.

3:00 PM History and present of libertarian music

3:00 PM Interventionistische Medienarbeit

4:00 PM Discussion sur les Bibliothèques autogérées (Comment les rendre plus accessibles)

4:00 PM Creating an international federation of social centres/spaces

4:00 PM The state as a monopolistic criminal organisation

4:00 PM “Educate in freedom”

4:00 PM Talk about the popular rebellion in Peru.

4:00 PM Rhythms of Resistance / TINFAQ+ ONLY / introduction workshop & open rehearsal

4:00 PM Bedingungen radikaler Klimakämpfe (DE – FR) Conditions de luttes radicales pour le climat

5:00 PM Networking Migrant Struggles in switzerland

5:00 PM Die Ukraine, der Krieg und die antimilitaristische Perspektive


6:00 PM Rencontre de bibliothèques auto-gérées / Meeting of self-organized libraries

6:00 PM Singing IWW-Songs

6:00 PM black/indigenous anarchy // when anarchists facing fascists

6:00 PM Gestion autonome de la fertilité

6:00 PM Gustav Landauer’s praxis of liberation / Gustav Landauers Praxis der Befreiung

6:00 PM “Gewaltfreie Kommunikation” und “Herrschaftsfreie Haltung”

7:00 PM Ni compositeur – ni directrice

8:00 PM Dual Power – building a resilient anarchist society

8:00 PM Exchange for radio show hosts and podcasters

8:00 PM With, against or beyond politics – Mit, gegen oder jenseits von Politik?

8:00 PM Netzwerk Kommunalismus (DE/EN)

8:00 PM Solidarité avec les anarchistes ukrainiens

8:00 PM L’espéranto, langue équitable

8:00 PM Crypto-anarchism
July 23, 2023

9:00 AM Poésie militante

9:00 AM Powerdynamiken in Kleingruppen und Kollektiven – (engl below) Powerdynamics – in affinity groups and collectives

9:00 AM SF- Empowerment

9:00 AM How the system protects the police and the police protects the state / french example

9:00 AM Syndicats et révolution

9:00 AM Zine workshop

9:00 AM Why anarchism implies the abolition of animal exploitation

9:00 AM Stretching in the mornings

10:00 AM Writing to political prisoners Workshop

11:00 AM Anarchismus in der Kibbuzbewegung

11:00 AM Disinformation

11:00 AM “against any war!” from an antipatriarchal, antimilitarist & anarchist point of view. “Gegen jeden Krieg” von einer anarchistischen, antimilitaristischen & antipatriarchalen Perspektive”. Contre toute guerre” d’un point de vue anarchiste, antimilitariste & antipatriarcal. GERM/FR/ENGL

11:00 AM Anarchists versus the Patriarchy: involving men in the feminist struggle

11:00 AM The Fediverse – Dezentral Media (GER/ENG)

11:00 AM Resolutions beyond Anarchy 2023: Proposals & Projects (various languages)

11:00 AM Schnupper-Klettern // Try out action climbing

11:00 AM Anarchist Poetry Slam

11:00 AM Being Queer & PLHIV in Indonesia

11:00 AM Anarchist Parenting

11:00 AM O criminoso

1:00 PM Anarchism in Academia

1:00 PM A-Camp 2023

1:00 PM BYOB = Be Your Own Bank

1:00 PM Holger Vanicek: Die Zerrissenheit (über Albert Camus)

1:00 PM Security Culture Without Hierarchy

1:00 PM Formation sécurité numérique (comprendre et minimiser la surveillance numérique) – Discussion

1:00 PM s’attaquer aux causes

1:00 PM “Roadmap”: Anarchist proposals (from a little corner in south america) to dispute present and future

1:00 PM presenting the concept of imprisonment burning

1:00 PM Movie: interview with Russian anarchist: talks abt an anarchists resistance.

1:00 PM Rechtslücken, Rechtsprechung und menschlich-soziale Faktoren – sind Kämpfe möglich und lohnen Sie sich?

4:00 PM Archive Digitale sur l’anarchisme

4:00 PM How NLP is used in media, politics, business, psychology and advertising

4:00 PM Koordination antimilitaristischer Gruppen – Coordination des groupes antimilitaristes – Coordination of anti-militarist groups GERM/ENGL/FR

4:00 PM International art anarchist solidarity with the indigenous in Brasil

4:00 PM Rhythms of Resistance introduction workshop & open rehearsal

4:00 PM Regards anti-autoritaires sur le langage

4:00 PM Formation sécurité numérique (comprendre et minimiser la surveillance numérique) – Tails

6:00 PM Singing IWW-Songs

6:00 PM Open Mic closing session

7:00 PM Ni compositeur – ni directrice

8:00 PM Esperanto gufujo!

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to register or sign up in any way. There are no special requirements for you to be able to participate. Our only requirement is for you to be respectful towards others and peaceful.
How do I get to St-Imier?

Take a look at https:/ and zoom out to see in which direction you want to be heading when joining us at Anarchy 2023 in St-Imier.

If you need to fly, you can fly into either Geneva (GVA), Basel (BSL) or Zurich (ZRH). Traveling from these three airports to St-Imier takes approximately the same amount of time. The easiest way to get from these airports to St-Imier is via train. You can check the train timetables on the website, where you can also buy “supersaver tickets” (approx. 30 CHF if done some weeks ahead of time).

For coordinating carpools we started to use with the telegram group serving as an additional possible communication channel along side.

For visa and travel help please contact:


Please, before coming to the gathering by car, consider more environment friendly options and car sharing. Use to coordinate carpools. There will be designated parking areas that are signed out from the main roads in St-Imier. See the map at https:/ to have an idea where the different parking places are located, but make sure to follow the directions indicated along the roads when you arrive in St-Imier. There is no cost for parking, but please contribute what you can to help cover the costs, the surplus will go to a good cause.
Where can I sleep?

There will be a designated camping area and indoor spaces in three gym halls and the ZAF, a large building at the edge of St-Imier. If you plan to camp, bring a tent and a sleeping bag. If you plan to sleep in the indoor spaces, bring a mat and a sleeping bag. To see where the camping, the ZAF and the gym halls are located, take a look at https:/

For information about additional options and general information about accommodation, including special needs solutions that are available, see the accommodation page.
How to propose workshops, film screenings, etc to be added to the day schedules?

To propose anything for inclusion in the schedule and get a space allocated, please use this form. If you have a preference for the day and time of your proposal, please add that information to your proposal. Also, list the required help, resources or technical infrastructure such as beamer, if any. Please don’t hesitate to propose activities for children and teenagers as well.
How can I volunteer my help?

Please sign up on, an online tool for coordinating the many different volunteer tasks. Write to if you have questions or need details about how you can help.
What food and drinks will be available?

There will be 2 kitchens and 4 bars located throughout the village. They offer vegan and also gluten free foods and refreshing beverages such as sirup and ice tea, energizing liquids like coffee and mate. Only the alcoholic beverages (e.g. beer, wine and prosecco) have a fixed minimal prize.
How much will this cost me?

Both the workshops and the camping are free. For concerts, food and non-alcoholic drinks you are expected to pay what you can, but there is no fixed price. Also alcoholic beverages are “pay what you can”, but with a minimal price. The book fair and expo tables have a fixed minimal price as well.

All income goes to covering the costs of infrastructure, vegetables and beverages, etc. Nobody is getting payed, we all volunteer. So, please help to make sure we can cover the costs, also because the resulting surplus will go to the Anarchist Defense Fund!

It would help alot to be able to cover upfront costs if you already send a donation now.
Can I get financial support?

If a workshop or performance incures material or special transport costs beyond your personal travel, you may request donations from participants to cover such costs. The donations that you collect in excess of these costs shall be given to our common fund in order to help cover infrastructure costs, food and drinks. The surplus of the collected money will go to the Anarchist Defense Fund!

We all work for free! Nobody is getting payed. Nobody involved in organizing this gathering has had any of their expenses payed or is getting any free food or beverages during the gathering. We all contribute our time and our costs and pay what we can. So do the artsists that perform theaters and concerts during the event. Please be fair and give what you can, in order to cover the substancial infrastructure, vegetables and beverages costs of such a gathering and support the good cause!

There is, however, money set aside for helping to pay travel costs for people that otherwise can not participate in the gathering. Write to to see if you are able to get financial support. Please give to to make more such help possible.
Can I access the event with a wheelchair?

Many places are accessible with a weehlchair, but not all. See the map at for details about each venue.
Are dogs allowed ?

Yes, you can bring your dog to the gathering as long as it does not cause trouble. You are responsible to take care that there are no complaints. Otherwise, you will have to leave with your dog. Also, bringing a dog into a concert would probably not be a good idea!
Is there a way to participate remotely?

You will be able to follow the event by listening to an on-site radio that will be streaming from the event. The radio will also setup a forum for chatting. Activities in some workshop rooms will be streamed which will always depend on the preference of the persons that organize that particular workshop. One of the rooms will be setup for hybrid workshops also enabling direct online participation.
Will the event be family friendly?

There will be a childcare during the afternoon. We will also propose some special film screenings followed by discussions for children and teenagers. There will also be a carousel and a playground next to one of the bars. We hope that more people will come forward with activity proposals for kids. So if you wish to organize something please don’t hesitate to add your proposal to openki:

If you need to warm up anything you will be able to ask the kitchen anytime.

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