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“No Amount of Evidence Will Make Republicans Admit Trump’s Guilt”

Donald Trump is innocent. Though he’s been indicted for hoarding classified documents in Mar-a-Lago, he has not been proven guilty by a jury of his peers, and so of course you should expect his own party to defend him today. Except it’s worse than that, Jonathan Chait writes. Kevin McCarthy accuses Joe Biden of trying to lock up Trump (ironic given, you know, what they said about Hillary Clinton’s emails). Even Ron DeSantis is saying Trump is a victim! Jonathan argues that to understand this reaction requires going further back in time to the birth of the famous “paranoid style in American politics” when the conservative movement began its march from the fringe to the mainstream with potentially grave consequences for democracy and the rule of law.

—Justin Miller, deputy editor, Intelligencer

Why No Amount of Evidence Will Make Republicans Admit Trump’s Guilt A paranoid party and its mobster-loving president.

Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photos: Getty

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