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U.S. allies look for their place in the emerging global order

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Lack of detail on Kishida’s plan to fund child care measures draws criticism
With a snap election possibly on the horizon, the government is seen as being unwilling to upset voters by increasing the burden on taxpayers.
Rain front and tropical storm prompt warnings across wide areas of Japan
The seasonal rain front, as well as moist air carried by Tropical Storm Mawar as it moves through the Pacific south of Japan, have increased …
Japan and South Korea ramp up chip collaboration amid U.S.-China tensions
A need to work around trade restrictions is seen as the main factor driving the engagement with Japan by firms such as Samsung, rather than …
Japan’s fertility rate hits record low as it drops for seventh consecutive year
The total fertility rate — the average number of children a woman will give birth to in her lifetime — was down from 1.30 the …
Government draws up measures to tackle expected 2024 logistics crunch
Large consignors and logistics companies have been asked to submit improvement plans that will ease burdens on truck drivers ahead of a new legal limit …
India’s workers are trapped in a vicious cycle of coal and heat
The vast, climate-vulnerable nation’s reliance on coal is making its own predicament worse, leaving hundreds of millions of its workers caught in a vicious heat …

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Sorry to say, apologizing is Japanese isn’t always such a big deal
From bumping into a stranger to making amends for a past wrong, it’s important to know how to apologize in Japanese.
U.S. allies look for their place in the emerging global order
A bitterly divided and fractured America lacks the necessary common purpose, principle and the requisite national pride and strategic direction to execute a robust foreign …
‘The Night Before Upheaval’ navigates the murky waters of overseas film festivals
Japanese indie director Mutsuki Kameyama explores the ins and outs of the overseas festival circuit in their new documentary.
Samurai Japan manager Hideki Kuriyama reveals team’s secrets for success at WBC
Kuriyama believes Japan’s performance at the WBC impressed baseball fans both inside and outside Japan.
Summer Basho offered excitement and a streamlined experience for sumo fans
The sport has emerged from three years of pandemic-era restrictions into a rapidly changing landscape that requires better delivery of content and a more attractive …
How are firearms regulated in Japan?
The country is known for its strict gun-control laws, but recent shootings have prompted some to wonder how stringent they actually are.
Know before you drive: Construction to impact traffic around Haneda Airport
The operator of the expressway has warned of traffic jams during the two-week period, which started May 27, similar to those typically seen at year-end.

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