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Australia Strikes a Greentech Deal with the US

by Peter Zeihan on May 29, 2023

There’s one massive hole we’ll need to fill if the green movement will ever work in the US…mineral resources. Thankfully we just struck a deal with our Aussie allies, who happen to have many of the key minerals and resources we need.

This deal will enable the Australians to contribute mineral resources to the American greentech industry in a way that will allow them to benefit from the incentives and subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

While Australia is a significant producer of many necessary Greentech resources, it’s not a one-stop shop for everything. They’re also great at producing the raw ore, but the value add component isn’t their thing. Thanks to subsidies from the IRA, there will be an opportunity to bring value-add capabilities to the Outback.

But what about all the other US allies? Will they be able to tap into this deal? We must remember that there is an inner circle and an outer circle of allies…for now, only the inner circle gets to play.

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Australia Strikes a Greentech Deal with the US || Peter Zeihan

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