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5/29/23: Republicans Humiliated In Debt Ceiling, DeSantis Trashes Trump On Ben Shapiro, Lawyer Caught Using ChatGPT, Jobs Flee Big Cities, CNN Admits Bidens “Horrible Numbers”, History of AAPI, DeSantis Elon Corrupt Bromance

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Republicans humiliated in Debt Ceiling fight as they get much less than they thought, Conservatives revolt against McCarthy’s deal making, DeSantis goes on Ben Shapiro to trash Trump on Fauci, Mail in Voting, and Leftist Talking Points, Lawyer caught using ChatGPT with Fake Cases, Low paying jobs fleeing big cities, CNN admits new Biden Poll numbers are “Horrible”, Saagar looks into the history of the fake AAPI month, and Krystal looks into the corrupt Bro-mance between Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (2:02)Republicans HUMILIATED In Debt Ceiling Fight (9:32)Conservatives REVOLT Against Debt Ceiling Deal (21:37)DeSantis TRASHES Trump To Ben Shapiro: ‘ATTACKING FROM LEFT’ (31:58)Trump, DeSantis Allies AT WAR Over 2024 (38;41)Lawyer CAUGHT Using ChatGPT With Fake Cases (49:19)Jobs FLEE NYC, SF, DC (56:38)CNN Admits ‘HORRIBLE’ Biden Poll Numbers (1:02:19)The History Of FAKE ‘AAPI’ Month (1:12:16)DeSantis’ CORRUPT BROMANCE With Elon Revealed After Campaign Launch (1:22:45)EOS

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