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Roger Waters defends Nazi-style costume after Berlin police launch investigation


British rocker Roger Waters defended himself Friday after German police launched an investigation into the Pink Floyd co-founder over the Nazi-style costume he wore to a concert in Berlin last week.

“We are investigating on suspicion of incitement to public hatred because the clothing worn on stage could be used to glorify or justify Nazi rule, thereby disturbing the public peace,” said Berlin police spokesman Martin Halweg.

Waters donned a long black coat, black gloves and black sunglasses — complete with a red armband — during a portion of his May 17 performance in which he fired an imitation machine gun at the crowd while flanked by men dressed in military regalia.

“The clothing resembles the clothing of an SS officer,” Halweg said.

The 79-year-old defended his costume choice and said that it was a clear statement “in opposition to fascism, injustice, bigotry in all its forms.”


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