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Homebuyers are screwed

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May 28, 2023
Hi, I’m Matt Turner, the editor in chief of business at Insider. Welcome back to Insider Today’s Sunday edition, a roundup of some of our top stories. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.


On the agenda:

But first: Bill Gates picked out a startup that could be the biggest winner in AI, and it’s not ChatGPT.
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Bill Gates’ AI bet

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Bill Gates is betting digital agents will disrupt the internet as we know it.

Speaking at an event in San Francisco last week, Gates said that the big winner in the AI tech wars will likely have created a personal digital agent. Instead of going to Google to search for information, or to Amazon to order dog food, users will simply converse with this personal AI.

And while Gates is rooting for Microsoft (no surprise there), he said he’s been impressed by a startup called Inflection. I’ve been playing around with its app for a few weeks now, and I’ve been seriously impressed.

I recently told Pi that a part of my job is thinking through big themes and how we could report on them. One topic I’ve been thinking about is how to report on the epidemic of loneliness. Each time, Pi addressed my response, and then posed a question, prolonging the interaction.

At its best, the conversation felt like brainstorming with a colleague over Slack. I even found myself forgetting that I was in fact talking to an AI.


Burnout at BlackRock

Robyn Phelps/Insider
A seven-figure salary sounds great, but for one Wall Street rising star, the pressure of his job brought stress-related alopecia and burnout.

Khe Hy was sucked in by the glitz of the industry, but after his first decade in banking, the fancy dinners and $50 whiskey shots soon lost their sheen.

Becoming a father was the final event that put Khe’s life in perspective. He realized that “success is like an addiction,” and that his career wasn’t bringing him happiness.

Burnout lessons from a former director.

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The Seed 100
Aileen Lee, Ameet Shah, Kirsten Green, Dan Teran, Ed Sim, Serena Williams; Insider
Seed-stage investing is the riskiest venture-capital round — but it can also be the most rewarding.

The Seed 100 is our annual list of the best early-stage investors, based on data analysis. These investors have proven track records and are on course for continued success. Serena Williams comes in at No. 70, while Peter Thiel is at No. 75.

See the full Seed 100 here

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Wall Street wardrobe
Getty (left photo), Shutterstock (right photo)
Want to look like a rainmaker? Wall Street’s wardrobe whisperer has some do’s and don’ts to nail the partner look.

Jessica Cadmus, a personal stylist specializing in dressing Wall Street execs, says crisp, white sneakers are in, while pantsuits and big logos are out.

How she dresses VIP finance clients.

Housing-market Ice Age
Arif Qazi / Insider
If you don’t already own a home, you’re going to be screwed for years to come.

The housing market has entered a new Ice Age — and this frosty new reality means fewer sales, a smaller pool of available homes plummeting, and historically high mortgage rates for the foreseeable future.

Looking back, we can see the exact moment when the comet that triggered this new era hit: July 2020 — a time when space-starved remote workers and collapsing mortgage rates caused a frenzy. Those halcyon days pushed the market directly into its current frigid situation.

Read the full report.

“Coming from a sports background and a sport that was an individual one, I’ve developed a habit of trusting my gut. So when it came to venture and founders, it wasn’t hard to apply it.”
— Serena Williams in an email to Insider.

Putin’s bunker, home prices, & more


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