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Andrea R. Flores
Asylum in Limbo

Like the Trump-era policy it replaces, Biden’s new asylum ban suggests that certain migrants are less deserving of humanitarian protection than others.

Anjam Sundaram,
illustrated by John Grund
White Bay

Life under the chemical megafactories of Ingeniero White, Argentina.

The Second Warthogs

a poem by
Erica McAlpine

I saw them from the canal, nosing
their way through a spare enclosure behind
the zoo. Dusk gray, two of a kind,
and utterly unimposing,

they were aimlessly
crossing their corner of Regent’s Park
like a pair of sullen castoffs from the ark
and wearing their dirt shamelessly…

Francesca Wade
Court and Spark

Across her stories and novels, Susan Taubes explored the frustration and freedom of estrangement.

J. Hoberman
The Dank Underground

In the late Sixties, countercultural media was distributed by the Underground Press Syndicate and bankrolled by marijuana.

Judith Levine
Name the Lost!

A memorial in Green-Wood Cemetery for New Yorkers who have died of Covid-19 is intended to be ephemeral.

Free from the Archives

In the NYR Online today, Andrea Flores—a former immigration policy advisor in President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security who resigned from President Biden’s National Security Council in the fall of 2021—argues that the Biden administration’s policy toward migrants seeking asylum has been disastrous for refugees at the southern border. In The New York Review’s May 25, 2017, issue, Julia Preston wrote about the early stages of President Trump’s aggressive deportation policy, its roots in the Obama administration, and the “extraordinary rupture” mass deportations cause for immigrants and the society around them.

Julia Preston
Trump: The New Deportation Threat

“In some ways ICE was not acting very differently than it had under President Obama, who oversaw more than three million deportations during his eight years in office…. But in his second term, once it was clear that Obama would not be able to get support from Republicans for any broad legalization measure, he worked to restrain the deportations machine his administration had created.”

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